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Results from a 30-day, all animal product, near zero carb escapade…

This 30 day experiment was pretty dang easy.

Very clear cut benefits include, first and foremost, dramatic improvement in digestion. Having to basically digest one food group and one food group only at each meal is effortless. I feel that much of the benefit of the all-meat diet can be attributed to this ? same with what many report of a vegan diet. No bloating, no gas, no pain, no indigestion, no feelings of being overly stuffed. My stomach felt like a furnace. I could have easily eaten a 1 pound steak and gone jogging immediately afterwards.

My skin also got extremely clear ? ?as clear as I’ve ever seen your skin? were the comments I got with friends on Christmas yesterday. Skin all over my body got much better. Little sunspots and blemishes all disappeared during the 30 days, and seemed to be getting even better as I was switching to primarily beef.

This brings up another point. I would like to personally thank Bruce K., who has left dozens of comments throughout this escapade. Bruce is a strong advocate of a diet that is extremely low in polyunsaturated fat, and doing an all-meat diet did allow me to really feel the difference between fat types. Pork was less desirable, more likely to make me nauseous, and eventually got cut out. Chicken and duck were terrible when I ate them, and I normally love these foods. My stomach also did not feel as good with these. Christmas yesterday and leftovers this morning (turkey and more turkey) also reminded me of how unappealing and more difficult-to-digest these meats are ? especially with that fatty, oven-roasted skin. All of the above foods are much higher in polyunsaturated fats than beef, cheese, butter, cream, and other staples that I eventually gravitated towards throughout the 30-day adventure.

Before the journey began I also had some tooth sensitivity, which really had me baffled seeing that I was following a sugarfree diet prior to no carbing. For the first 10 days my teeth were killing me, which had me even more baffled. Then, suddenly, the pain disappeared and never returned. I even went 4 days without brushing to see just how well-defended my teeth really were. They fared great.

Plus I lost weight, mostly fat, with an extreme flattening of the stomach ? while not feeling hungry once, or exercising. This is an exciting discovery for many reasons. It did strengthen the ?insulin traps calories? idea that I cover in many posts and some of the work I’ve been doing lately on the side. An all-meat diet is pretty much a sure thing for weight loss. My weight loss totaled between 4 and 5 pounds ? almost exactly 1 pound per week ? the perfect pace.

So the all-meat diet has some clear potential. It’s at least worth trying if you have:

1) Tooth decay/tooth pain
2) An inflammatory bowel disorder, such as IBS, Crohn’s, or Ulcerative colitis
3) Obesity
4) Acne
5) An addiction, particularly to sugary and floury foods

I also seem to feel lowered allergenicity and bronchial constriction upon exercising. This is not as clear as some other things, and I did have more nasal congestion throughout. There is potential application there for sure.

Lowering blood pressure is also just about a sure thing with an all-meat diet.

This is just the short list of potential uses of the diet. Of course many people follow this diet religiously and have all kinds of health improvements, swearing by it as their new way of life. This cannot be discredited. It is a real shame when people write this diet off as dangerous, when historically there is much information suggesting otherwise. A lot of people who could benefit from such a diet are kept from it, thinking that it’s akin to committing suicide or at least playing Russian Roulette. I think that’s a little dramatic, but it is quite a big shift. Still, it has great potential. For people to be closed-minded to it is unfortunate.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that anything about the diet suggested that it was somehow the ?optimal human diet. I felt good on it, but let’s not get too carried away. I do believe that for some people with certain health conditions, it could be the best option. If I had chronic indigestion, was 100 pounds overweight, a serious overeater, and prediabetic, I would not hesitate to take up the all-meat diet.

The biggest question is whether or not healing can take place, someday allowing a person to return to a mixed diet. In other words, does it improve insulin sensitivity so that carbs are better tolerated after the diet’s been followed for a month or two? If so that would be absolutely great. Few will banish themselves to nothing but meat for a lifetime. Few CAN banish themselves to nothing but meat for a lifetime, and if one returns to a more ?normal? diet and is wounded by it more than ever, then a meat diet is probably something that one should be more hesitant about jumping into. Nah mean?

Same goes for digestion. Will my digestion, even though it was excellent on meat alone, be worse than before starting? Are all my carb and fiber-fermenting intestinal bacteria gone? I don’t have much to tell you at this point, but I’m giving it my all. Instead of tiptoeing back into carbs, I’m diving into them full-throttle.

Same goes for weight as well. Will I gain the four pounds of fat I lost in an instant and then go up another 5 by the end of February? Is this just another Tom Venuto, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle yo-yo program? That still remains to be seen. If I balloon up to 186 (current weight 172), like I did after following Venuto’s program for two weeks (yes Tom, I lost 2 pounds a week just like you said, but was flippin? starving and became a maniac afterwards, eating 4,500 calories a day for a month ? it’s what obesity researchers call ?rebound hyperphagia?). Will it be a ?Wind River Diet,? taking a strikingly-lean figure and adding 15 pounds of fat and water to it in 10 days?

Well, these conclusions are becoming anti-climatic as many of the biggest questions need follow-up observation. My hunch is that some healing took place, that I will not balloon up to worse off than I started, that my digestion will be better on a mixed diet than it was before I started, that my teeth will not start aching again within days, etc.

And you better believe I’ll be banishing myself into the wilderness with nothing but pemmican for at least a month some day. I owe that to myself after trying to do such a thing on mostly oats and cornmeal, lying awake at night to the point of insanity with an unquenchable hunger. That spoiled the whole experience man!

Thanks for following along everyone. Except for me, you are the best!

Oh yes, and also worth mentioning is that my libido left the building and what they say about low-carb diets and stank breath is the truth man. JFC. I looked good, but with raunchy breath and no desire to fornicate, what exactly is the point?