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Sorry folks. I’ve been a busy little boy trying to get my next eBook together before the end of the month.

Here’s a short little post – a reply of mine to Although I know better, I’ve tried hard to open up intelligent conversations and remind the site moderator, “Gerry,” that there are gaping holes in some his logic and conclusions. Gerry is an arm of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a guy that I mostly agree with as he recommends a nutritious, whole-foods diet, completely devoid of processed foods, as the means of achieving good health, preventing and reversing a wide spectrum of diseases. Our only major points of contention is whether or not animal products and saturated fat can be part of a nutritious whole foods diet. He says no, I say whaddya stoopid?

I’ve been warned many times by Gerry that my comments are not supportive of the “Disease Proof community.” The comment below, he refused to allow. I do support the disease proof community though. I support them waking up from their coma and being receptive to other health movements that are being thwarted by vegetarian and governmental anti-animal propaganda. There are many people harming themselves on vegetarian fare that stand much to gain from knowing that a diet rich in animal products and saturated fat can be healing and therapeutic. Instead, they rule it out before even trying it thanks to Fuhrman and those who shoot it down without any personal experience or knowledge of 20th century disease etiology – and it’s total lack of correlation with saturated fat consumption.

In other words, many are missing out. Just because a person feels good on vegetarian fare doesn’t mean that a diet with meats is miraculously the cause of heart disease. Thus the need for intelligent two-way conversation, which is of great benefit to the disease proof community and the global community. But my most recent comment has been shot down. Well, I can publish it here, a response to a post on Great Britain’s supposed need to reduce saturated fat consumption…

Original Post

My comments:

Saturated fat, nor dietary cholesterol raise serum cholesterol in a healthy individual. My girlfriend, for example, eats over 1,000 eggs per year, bacon most days (although that’s predominantly monounsaturated), uses butter in her cooking and in sauces, consumes a lot of full-fat cheese, eats popcorn with coconut oil, and eats large quantities of thick cream right off of a spoon. Her doctor was very concerned about her cholesterol, not knowing what her diet was like, because it was so low… 98mg/dl!!!

His advice was to eat bacon, eggs, and butter, to which she replied, “that’s all I eat.” This really goes to show how confused the medical establishment is about saturated fat’s connection to heart health and cholesterol levels, Dr. Fuhrman included.

In truth, if the metabolism is running at it’s appropriate level, the blood does not accumulate fats or cholesterol. In fact, elevated cholesterol levels were originally used to diagnose hypothyroidism (aka a slow metabolism). In studies quoted by Dr. Broda Barnes, the administration of thyroid hormone (only desiccated thyroid, not synthetic garbage) dramatically lowered cholesterol levels, moreso than any statin medication, with nothing but positive side “benefits.”

This is also interesting in light of what was seen amongst the famous rabbit study, where they were forced to eat copious amounts of cholesterol – leading to atherosclerosis. It was later found that this induced hypothyroidism (true of rabbits, but not humans), and with the administration of thyroid hormone to correct that imbalance, cholesterol levels plummeted and rabbits could not develop atherosclerosis.

Slow metabolism = the accumulation of fats in the blood on a high fat diet. There is nothing wrong with a diet high in saturated fat. There is something wrong with the people who are eating that way.

Interestingly enough, the most successful doctor in history at preventing heart disease was Broda O. Barnes, a huge proponent of saturated fat consumption who ate bacon and eggs with full-fat milk for breakfast every day. Only 4 of his nearly 2,000 patients developed heart disease while under his care, many of them not even counseled on diet. Barnes also laughed at the idea that exercise could prevent such a condition, and considered jogging to be a good way to “do some heart damage.”

Barnes wrote 3 excellent books and published many papers. Check them out. His work provides a far-better solution to heart disease than the recommendations to cut saturated fat and do lots of cardio, which Americans and Brits alike have been doing for the last several decades to no avail.

Yes, this comment was omitted, even after I contacted Gerry personally with this heartfelt message…


I appreciate your response to my comments. Although you think that we may be in complete disagreement, please remember that, for the most part, people like you and Dr. Fuhrman have a lot in common with me.

Remember that you and I are in the extreme minority in saying that dietary and lifestyle alteration is the single greatest form of preventative and therapeutic medicine that human beings have available to them. To be on that side of the fence together, and mortal enemies, greatly diminishes our power to influence people across the globe that are in desperate need of hearing the “real food heals” message.

Dr. Fuhrman’s dietary recommendations have tremendous therapeutic potential, are saving lives, and reversing disease. But so are mine and the advice of those like me. There is a wide spectrum of dietary strategies to prevent and reverse disease, and to include some but be stubborn to others is blind.

I didn’t come to DiseaseProof to try to shoot you or Dr. Fuhrman down. I hold Dr. Fuhrman in the very highest light. Rather, I seek to be a unifier of diet gurus so that the “food heals” concept can stop treading water and move beyond the fringes.

The bottom line is that I am moving forward at a very rapid rate, my name will be a household name during my lifetime, and I want you to join me on that journey – not curse my name or spread the notion that what I preach is deadly or a prey-upon-the-public’s ignorance assault for profit.

With the greatest height of sincerity, I wish that you will remember my name, allow me to participate in discussions at Disease Proof, and consider me just as much of an ally as I am a threat to everything that you and Fuhrman stand for – because our ideals are equal, and what I have to share is neither silly nor incorrect.

Best wishes,

Matt Stone