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By Rob Archangel, staff writer?

Special Announcement


This will be the last post of 180 Degree Health. Time to shut ‘er down and move on to our exciting new venture: rapid weight loss methods, just in time for the warm weather. It’s gonna be great- feel free to send your credit card information our way right now so you can be on the ground floor for this exciting, once in a lifetime opportunity.

Also, after the Grimaldi’s Pizza get together on Saturday (email for details), Matt and I, artists of impeccable confidence, will open bidding on our recently acquired East River crossing. This is your chance to secure a revenue stream for your great grandchildren and beyond; thanks to the budget shortfall here in New York City, private investors like you can gain controlling access to the roadway and the royalties that come with it, into perpetuity. Act quickly, and as a thank you to our long-time followers, we may be able to offer an even better deal to you than we could bear for the general public.

And on that note, as we celebrate the twilight of 180D, you can all mosey down to Exterminating Angel Press Magazine to read about the benefits of senescence. This season’s issue is themed GROWING UP, and features a new essay by Matt.

More gray ain’t so bad. Check it out here: Going Gray: A Sign of Healthy Aging.