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By Rob Archangel

Harvest-Your-Health-Bundle-Sale_200x200It’s that time of year, and we’re participating once again in one of Primal Toad’s bundle sales. This time around, we have on offer ?Diet Recovery 2?and The Vegan Solution. The whole bundle includes dozens of other books, including some gems like?Exuberant Animal?by Frank Forencich (making a repeat appearance in Todd’s bundle), and his newer book Change Your Body, Change the World.

I had the good fortune several years ago to meet Frank at a workshop in New Jersey. He’s a great guy, and very sharp. His initial focus was on how to connect to movements that are ‘primal, practical and playful.’ ?In other words, what sort of exercise can we do that makes sense for us as human animals (and do things like minimize the risk of repetitive use injury), helps us function better in our day to day life (increasing mobility if we garden, for example, or reducing strain if we’re on our butts most of the time for work), and are inherently fun. Movement that we want to keep doing because we’re stoked about it and not for external motivations (“I did my 15 minutes on the treadmill- I’m done”), is movement that sustains and enriches our life. And most importantly, it is movement that is sustainable; ?fitness comes from steady habits over weeks and months and years, not herculean efforts that peter out quickly. Finding something you like to do is at the top of the list for developing these habits.

More recently, I think Frank has stepped into an elder sort of role, and is writing and talking about wellness in a much broader way. Not just mind, body, spirit, but also land, tribe and community as being foundational to health.I even sent Matt some of his books to write up about a little while back. ?You can read Matt’s thoughts here?here.

Appropros to my recent revisiting of the calorie counting quandary, here’s a great quote from?Change?Your Body, Change the World:

We now know that there’s one sure way to position yourself for a chronically activated stress response and that’s to adopt and hold tight to a single, static world view. The formula is simple: Develop a perspective on how the world works and stick to it. Then, when reality comes barging in with the inevitable counter-argument, you’re in for a case of cortisol poisoning and everything that goes with it, including damage to precious blood vessels and neurons.

Anyway, the bundle’s got a bunch of good material, including A Simple Guide to Mindful and Intuitive Eating?dedicated to our own Matt Stone along with Linda Bacon, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, and some simple living/productivity stuff I enjoy. The whole bundle is $37 and you can check it out until October 14?here.