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?Today is the last day to get all the recordings for the Healthy Life Summit before the price doubles. Of course, you can also listen to all the recordings on the day they come out for free just by registering your?email?address. That’s how all these online conferences seem to work. There are definitely a few interesting talks amongst the 35 speakers presenting at this online “Summit.”? My talk with the host, AnnMarie Michaels, airs on Friday, March 29th. Hopefully you can listen in to some of the talks without getting too swept away and cast back into the pit of?dietary puritanism. If you do I’ll swoop in on Friday and?rescue you, as AnnMarie and I talk about how the results she got from embracing some 180 principles?far exceeded any help she’s gotten from any other information source on earth.?Let there be pancakes! Register for the event?HERE. ?