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Matt Version 2006? vs. recent Mattsquatch sighting

From early October to Christmas I built approximately?15 pounds of lean body mass. I have ALWAYS struggled to gain muscle and I have been lifting weights my entire life. I even had a full gym next?door to my bedroom growing up. I watched my friends get huge. Me?? Nothing. Nada. Even from my Freshman year of high school to my Freshman year of college I only added 20 pounds or so to my bench max, and a total of?less than 5?pounds to my frame?- I weighed close to 170 pounds’throughout.
But it worked this time thanks to a combination of proper training and a very important dietary priming period that I went through, which I believe maximized my muscle-gaining ability. In the next two videos I further explain what worked and why. You can read about priming your?body for enhanced muscle gain by reading on how to RAISE TO YOUR METABOLISM.
For Natural testosterone enhancement and “priming” yourself for gaining muscle like I explained in the video – a must for anyone that doesn’t gain mass easily and what many will find far more productive than training (but it will also make training much more effective), read more on how to RAISE YOUR METABOLISM?and follow the guidelines with a heavy carbohydrate emphasis. Do not be concerned about “raising your metabolism” if you are underweight. Underweight people often have the lowest thyroid activity (compensated for by increased adrenaline production which is muscle-wasting), which is a primary reason for why they cannot build new tissue effectively.

For great physique enhancement training tips, and what I?patterned my own training after,?go to