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Just a quick little weekend blurb here…

This is very simple but for some reason, maybe due to my inner Cracker Barrel, I just really love it.  You couldn’t pay me to a eat a salad if these greens were sitting next to it. 

To make them all I do is add a couple cups of water to a pot, 1 sliced onion per pound of dark greens (turnip greens are the best – hellfire that’s what they serve at Cracker Barrel, but this works well for collard greens and various types of kale as well as mustard greens and others), plenty of the infamous MONEY SPICE, and cook them for at least an hour at a very low simmer, if not a hair longer.  This was filmed a couple of months ago and now I’m cooking them even longer! 

I consume all of the greens as well as the broth which is tasty and full of minerals which I’m all about.  In fact, next time I make these I’m considering using a little chicken stock instead of water and/or adding a couple ounces of powdered gelatin at the end – stirring it in until it is dissolved but not boiling the hell out of it.  It could be part of my gelatinophilia experimentation.  For you real rednecks (Johnny Lawrence), throw a frickin’ hambone or a couple pig’s feet up in there.  Mercy.