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There is no such thing as an effective diet. At 180DegreeHealth, the diet myths ? every single one of them, are executed by firing squad. Learn how to lose weight without dieting. A weight loss program that doesn’t require dieting, starvation and general unhapinness is the best way to lose weight.

If eating until you are satisfied makes you perpetually gain weight, leaving you ever-hungrier, then you have a damaged metabolism.

You thus have two choices:

1) Try to avoid a food group such as carbohydrates, fat, or meat, starve yourself in a state of calorie deprivation for the rest of your (miserable) life, or exercise fanatically.


2) Learn how to lose weight without dieting by fixing your metabolism, then eat as much as want and practically whatever you want without gaining an ounce ? with or without exercise (?like ‘so and so’ can?).

Diets provide guidance to those who have chosen option 1. Unfortunately, they distance people from option 2, worsening the metabolism and further limiting the overweighters? ability to heal themselves.

In other words, diets ? all of them, make the root problem worse. Even more unfortunate is the emerging fact that the metabolism governs the health and vitality of the whole human system. The lower it goes, the higher our risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, infectious illness, asthma, allergies, autoimmune disease, digestive illness, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, depression and other psychological disorders, and more.

At 180DegreeHealth, a new strategy has been developed. This strategy is the best way to lose weight-instead of hiding in a cave, running from intolerances and relinquishing oneself to having a ‘slow metabolism,? you take the root problem, at the very core, and tackle it head on.

Heal the problem. Do not run from it. Only then can anyone ever be free to live a life in good health and good spirits without weight management neurosis.

In all honesty, stumbling across this website really is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. 180DegreeHealth is the future of weight loss. It is the antidote for reversing the accelerating worldwide obesity crisis that has done nothing but gain steam since the dawn of calorie counting, the carb scare, fat-phobia, and the fitness ?revolution. We’ll teach you how to lose weight.Withoug dieting, you’ll be a much happier-and healthier- individual.

180DegreeHealth is the beginning of the end of the diet era/error, and a dawn of a completely new paradigm in which all of the supposed rules of just about everything pertaining to health erode.

This is your chance to latch on to information that puts you light years ahead of the struggling masses, assuring good health, and a lean, muscular, attractive body that keeps for life.

Welcome to 180DegreeHealth ? where people live, and diets die.

The formula to achieve this thought-to-be-impossible reality is in my downloadable eBook, 180 Degree Metabolism; The Smart Strategy for Fat Loss. No fluff, no empty promises, no deprivation ? just the answer to stopping a seemingly-uncontrollable epidemic and the best way to lose weight.