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As I was sitting in my tent the other day, backpacking in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, I was reading the most appropriate possible book for my circumstances at the moment ? Hulda Clark’s The Cure for All Diseases.

It was the perfect book for the moment because it touts the many dangers of bacterial, viral, and parasitic infection and the vital need for absolute sanitary perfection. ?Keep those fingernails trimmed short,? says Clark, as I looked down at my long, dirt-caked hands and fingernails while sipping on unfiltered creek water that was undeniably chock full of protozoa, fecal coliform bacteria from one of the dozens of mammal and bird species in the area, and many other such pathogens. I had not used toothpaste in days. I carried no soap or sanitizer with me on the trip. I brought no toilet paper (Nepal-style rear washing?hint: in Nepal it is considered very offensive to touch someone with your left hand). I had not even washed my dishes.

In other words, I was violating every rule in the book. Surprise, surprise.

Over the past several weeks infectious disease has been the focus of my 180DegreeHealth members podcasts. Admittedly, during that time, I did succumb to my first illness in 17 months ? presumably campylobacter from drinking raw milk, as this statement was issued by my dairy farmer 1 week after my illness:

To all Co-op Members:

We were contacted by the Colorado Health Department this last Friday and
informed that there were several confirmed cases of Campylobacter illnesses.
Most, but not all were known to be share holders. They have taken milk
samples for testing and results should be known by Thursday of next week.

The last illness I contracted was during the Weston A. Price Foundation (the revivalists of the raw milk movement) annual conference, as there was a large outbreak of some common virus amongst the attendees (raw milk had nothing to do with it though). Ha!

Of course, getting sick from time to time is an inevitability. What I argue, that few others do, is that getting ill from time to time is essential for good health. The immune system needs a ?workout? on occasion to maintain viability just like any other bodily system. Further, after recovery from illness, the body is often stronger, cleansed, revitalized, with greater resilience to infection, barring that you don’t pummel your system with medication and symptom-suppressors to get through the infection.

Anyway, my conclusions are not the point of this post. Rather, it’s time to take two people with equally weird names and totally opposite health practices that both claim to cure us of everything and square them off against one another:

This is Hulda Regehr Clark vs. Aajonus Vonderplanitz! Are you ready to rumble?! Let’s look at how they match up.

Books with exaggerated claims about curing everything:
Hulda ? The Cure for All Diseases
Aajonus ? The Recipe for Living Without Disease

Stance on parasites:
Hulda ? She believes parasites are harmful pathogens that threaten our well-being immensely. They are the underlying root cause of nearly all illnesses. She recommends selling all your pets and living as hygienically as possible. She has worked to create an effective frequency-generating device that kills parasites within the body without invasion using harmonic resonance.
Aajonus ? He believes parasites have a natural janitorial role, and their presence suggests that waste products have accumulated within the human body. At that point, we are better to have the parasites there cleaning up than absent, although parasite infestation still remains an indicator of suboptimal health (and a need for cleansing so to speak). He believes that we have coevolved with these organisms and cannot and should not try to live our lives in fear of exposure or invasion by these presumed pests.

Stance on bacteria:
Hulda ? Same as her stance on parasites for the most part. Their presence in the body causes disease, both acute and chronic, and diseases of all kinds can be cured with their elimination. Avoiding bacteria is a must. She recommends sterilizing all food, keeping fingernails trimmed short, avoiding contact with contaminated people, pets, and areas. She warns of things like Salmonella bacteria from chicken and eggs.
Aajonus ? Bacteria are like holy water to Vonderplantiz, a 100% raw foodist with a diet centered on raw meats. Although I don’t think he goes full-on ‘two girls and one cup (sorry no hyperlink),? he is very fond of the practice of eating feces for health restoration. I’ve heard he often goes up to Organic Pastures and get buckets of cow manure to chow down on. He is also a huge proponent of eating rotten, or ?high? meat. He is the absolute antithesis to Hulda’s hygiene approach to bacteria. He recommends eating raw chicken and raw eggs ? one primary reason is to make sure to get plenty of salmonella bacteria.

Stance on milk:
Hulda ? Any dairy product that you can’t boil yourself prior to consumption, such as ice cream or cheese, should be avoided. Always boil store-bought milk when you get home, transferring it to a sterile container. Never, ever, ever consume raw dairy products. She notes that many of her patients fall out of remission when they fail to be meticulous about this practice.
Aajonus ? Dairy products are pathological when heated more than a few degrees over the body temperature of the cow (101F). Always, always, always consume dairy products raw. Aajonus is famous for single-handedly overturning the laws on raw dairy products in the state of California ? the only state where you can find raw milk, cream, and butter on the shelves of nearly all health food stores. He reports great healing results in many who switch from pasteurized to raw milk and milk products.

Stance on honey:
Hulda ? Always heat honey and add vitamin C powder to detoxify it.
Aajonus ? Honey is an extremely pathological sugar after it has been heated. Eat it raw only, and plenty of it.

Stance on healing:
Hulda ? Most disease stems from toxic buildup in the liver, kidneys, and other vital organs. This is what weakens the immune system to allow invasion of parasites, viruses, fungi, and bacteria ? for the most part. Her healing protocol is basically to kill off all infectious agents, do additional parasite cleansing with herbal remedies, do herbal and dietary cleanses of the liver and kidneys until thousands of stones have been crapped out, eat sterilized real foods that are unpackaged/processed and thus free of molds and solvents, get rid of chemicals in your lifestyle and have mercury amalgams removed, have carious teeth ?cavitated,? live in a sterile environment, and take several vitamin and mineral supplements such as vitamin C, D, zinc, and magnesium.
Aajonus ? Eat lots of raw foods such as raw meats/fish/eggs/poultry, raw honey, raw vegetable juices, and a little raw fruit. The emphasis is particularly on raw fats which act to bind with toxic fat soluble stored pollutants. If further healing is required, it may be necessary to eat even more bacteria than you normally get from raw foods by eating small amounts of feces or rotten meat. Avoid pollutants as much as possible, including supplements, which, in almost all cases, create greater toxicity within the body.

Although these two curative giants are at tremendous odds with many of their approaches to healing (and this is the short, short, short list of their differences), they do both generally agree that environmental toxins are probably the main underlying cause of all diseases ? and their approaches at healing both address this toxicity by getting more out and less in. Aajonus; however, feels like much of the toxicity comes simply from cooked food (from mutagens and heterocyclic amines for example).

Could they both, in their own way, be right?

I too have become ever more curious about the connections between infectious illness and its link with chronic disease. Infectious agents cause inflammation, and when they are chronic it leads to constant high levels of the hormone cortisol ? which is a known trigger of insulin resistance, elevated blood pressure, immune system destruction, weight gain, and more.

But to look at this compelling evidence and look at infectious disease from the Louis Pasteur-derived germ theory approach ? that infectious agents just jump up and invade unlucky folks that come into contact with them ? doesn’t explain what plain observation tells us. Those living in less sanitary conditions have greater resilience and less chronic disease. Those who grow up on the farm are NOT more ridden with parasites and chronic disease than those living in cities. For a more vivid example, simply look at wild animals.

Humans are the only creatures that have any conceptual knowledge of pathogens. Everything else relies on instinct. For example, Hulda brings up the example of dirty diapers in her book. She says to be very careful not to be contaminated with poop, but then mentions that an animal mother will lick the anus clean after its young has a bowel movement. Hulda says we can’t do this because humans are not strong enough. I assume she attributes this to processed food and chemical and heavy metal burdens upon us, although she doesn’t go into detail. I would argue that they develop this strength through a combination of perpetual low-dose exposure and good health as a result of instinctual obedience and untainted, unprocessed, food.

Look also to Pottenger’s cats, where the cats on raw meat and milk had no parasites and perfect health. Cats eating cooked food were ridden with disease, including parasites despite greatly-reduced exposure. Clearly, exposure was not the underlying theme.

This was seen again in McCarrison’s experiments with bacillus supestifier. Those on fresh-foods, unprocessed, nutritionally complete diets could not be made ill by virulent agents. Animal subjects on deficient diets based primarily around white rice were completely eliminated by the very same infectious agent.

Hulda, in some ways, is right. Infectious diseases put an awful burden upon our bodies. Removing chronic versions of them that the immune system has failed to effectively eradicate causes relief from symptoms and improvement in virtually any disease, including even HIV, cancer, infertility, type I and II diabetes, and other ?incurable? diseases that she claims to handle with reliable success. Success is particularly achievable in the short-term.

As science progresses, it will also serve to further confirm Hulda’s stances ? because the links between infectious organisms, the resultant inflammation, and the most common chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer are clearly there. They are getting more clear by the minute.

However, Hulda doesn’t get to the root cause though. She is healing disease by choking off the hose instead of turning the water off completely. The root source certainly appears to be having a low metabolism as a result of cumulative poor nutritional status (current and prior generations) and chronic consumption of the most disruptive substances in the modern diet: vegetable oils, caffeine, food additives, and the kings: refined and artificial sugars. Although toxins, chemicals, solvents, etc. certainly may play a role in disruption of the endocrine system and lowered immunity/metabolism as well, and common sense tells us that these can do nothing but harm, it still seems they play an accessory role, not a primary one. I certainly remain open though, as these two health counselors have an excellent grassroots following with little armies of believers who have noticed great boons in their health.

But let’s hope great results can still be attained without eating only raw foods including poop and rotten meat or living in a bubble of sterilization after spending thousands on dental work. Agreed?

The verdict ? Aajonus’s recommendations can probably provide a greater level of core health enhancement while simultaneously building tremendous resilience. If you want to be not just disease-free, but immune to diseases with fantastic strength for fighting off infection, sterilization ain’t gonna take you there. Hulda’s protocol for cleansing, relieving the burden of ailing organs, and improving overall nutritional status through supplementation and a more or less whole foods diet yields, without a doubt, some fantastic results. They are both right. They are both making far more strides in getting to the core of health problems than ?America’s doctor. They are also both living in complete oblivion to important sides of the great debate in solving the big questions of human health and the manifestation of disease.

I’d say HVA is a draw, but I tend to lean a little towards Aajonus just because he’s so damn weird. I mean come on, the guy lived off of his own urine for 41 days and he eats poop. What health fanatic can top that? Please vote at the top of the page to settle this once and for all!!!