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If you missed my talk yesterday as part of the Paleo Summit, you’re in luck! For starters, as of midnight last night,?you can purchase all the recordings plus transcripts and other bonuses from the Paleo Summit. If you are at all interested, get it now by clicking HERE.? The price goes up after Sunday to like $99 I think (Warning! You are?about to enter the internet sales vortex!). I hear some of the other talks were really good. I suspect both Jaminet and Kruse were both pretty interesting, although I haven’t heard a word of anyone’s talk yet. Just remember to IgNora Gedgaudas haha!

Secondly, I just completed a written interview Q and A session with Hunter Copeland – a Johnny Lawrence-esque type of Alabama man (shown left) who comes at this from the viewpoint of a registered dietician starting to challenge his educational programming. It’s pretty interesting, and him and his bro do some great interviews with people like Drew Manning, Sally Fallon, and more on their podcast.

Anyway, I am making this great effort to draw your attention to this interview because I totally went off – writing several thousand words in response to his questions until 2am Monday night. And I think you guys will really like it. You can access the interview HERE. Plus, it’s white text on a black background. It feels like 180 Retro day.