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Most countries in the world have historically had a problem with fertility, not infertility. The big question was, ?how do we keep from having so many of these pesky anklebiters to take care of?? However, this question is changing. In fact, if you’re looking for a good indicator that our health and lifestyle are bringing about dire consequences upon our collective health, look no further than the striking increase in fertility issues.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of one out of five American couples cannot successfully reproduce ? and this isn’t the only place this peculiar trend is emerging. It’s happening in just about every industrialized nation.

Perplexing as the underlying reasons behind this occurrence may be, it is alarming nonetheless. Evidence points to disturbances in the hormonal landscape.

Endocrinologist Broda Barnes noted amongst his thousands of patients over the course of decades of clinical practice that low levels of thyroid hormone were an indicator or even a direct cause of most cases of infertility, miscarriage, and menstrual irregularities. Of course, if Viagra’s sales figures are any indication, there are plenty of sexual problems on the other side of the fence as well. And sperm counts are down lower than the stock market.

One of the primary focuses of 180 Degree Health is to understand hormonal patterns using the most cutting edge science and understanding as possible. The thyroid gland can underperform due to any number of hormonal abnormalities, ranging from high adrenal hormones such as cortisol to simply a lack of energy making it to the active tissues as a result of elevated insulin. This in turn suppresses key reproductive hormones such as estrogen and testosterone.

With these things in mind, the distinct possibility that there are very effective dietary and lifestyle strategies to bring these hormones back into a state of balance is pursued. For many, a diet that reduces insulin levels can bring thyroid hormone levels back to normal and make successful reproduction much more likely.

For others a series of changes bringing cortisol back under control by reducing stress, eating a nutritious diet to reduce chronic infections, getting plenty of sleep, and stopping the eat less, exercise more nonsense that’s so common amongst women of reproductive age (I’ll have a salad, don’t wanna have a full stomach when I go to the gym!) can work wonders for overcoming the problem.

In other words, there’s hope, but first and foremost, as a society, we must overcome the brainwashing on ?health? that’s been downloaded into our psyches. That’s what is all about. It’s about rebooting your computer and awakening to a new reality ? one free of nonsense and error, and one in which ominous signs of doom such as increasing infertility rates are understood and reversed, one person at a time.

For all of you couples out there who are desperate to have a child and can’t seem to find answers, you will find many inside, as the keys to good health are given to you ? unique and contrary to what you’ve heard before. After all, you must be healthy to reproduce, not look healthy, act healthy, talk healthy, or think healthy, but be healthy. I hope to light that path for you, assuming I don’t have to sit next to that little brat on an airplane! Welcome to