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Everyone seems to be looking for a way to achieve safe weight loss and to lose weight without dieting – as in starving yourself. Can it be done?? Mainstream health authorities believe that it’s impossible.

But there is weight loss information out there that is a radical affront to mainstream philosophies on what constitutes safe and effective weight loss. Perhaps the most radical of all approaches, and by far the safest, is found at 180DegreeHealth.

The official stance on weight loss is that it cannot be achieved unless you are burning more calories than you are taking in. In other words, there must be a caloric deficit. I agree with this wholeheartedly.

My problem is that the flexible and endlessly complex system known as ‘the metabolism’ is underappreciated in that scenario. In other words, you can create a calorie deficit by reducing the amount of food you take in, or by increasing your metabolism. Either way works. Plus, the higher the metabolism, the greater the tendency to shed fat – whereas a body trying to respond to a food shortage will sacrifice muscle calories and hold on to body fat at all costs.

This is why no obesity study in the history of the world has shown that cutting calories has a lasting impact on overall body weight. In fact, those who’ve worked the hardest at eating fewer calories and using excessive calorie-burning exercise for weight loss tend to end up with the worst body compositions – a higher ratio of body fat to lean body mass (muscles, organs, and bone). For countless biochemical reasons, this is the result of trying to cut calories in order to lose weight.

The weight loss information at 180DegreeHealth is all about raising the metabolism to its maximum as the first step in any weight loss program. This automatically shuts down the biochemical tendency to store fat and block its release from fat cells, making every other diet known, from low-calorie to low-fat to low-carb obsolete. All of these diets achieve the opposite over the long run, despite the initial honeymoon period.

This is a total paradigm shift, as eating less and exercising more (the typical weight loss diet plan) are the greatest means of achieving a lower metabolism – not a higher one. Although eating nothing but broccoli and running a marathon every day will cause weight loss, the body nips this in the bud by lowering the metabolism (which can be cut by 50%). This merely lowers energy levels and body temperature and can lead to massive and insatiable cravings for food – especially the most fattening of all foods, sugar.

A low metabolism isn’t just a terrible hindrance to someone trying to lose weight, this leads to many health disorders.? In fact, just by keeping the metabolism high, an endocrinologist named Broda Barnes was able to prevent heart disease and type 2 diabetes by nearly 100% in his patients. His patients had an alleviation of countless health problems as well, including a reduction in cancer incidence to boot. A low metabolism is really a person’s worst enemy on any number of fronts, and it’s a widespread epidemic. Simply having a normal metabolism (i.e. body temperature), of 98.6 F/37 C is becoming an extreme rarity.

By focusing entirely upon metabolic enhancement, safe weight loss and weight loss without dieting can truly be achieved.? It’s the Holy Grail of weight loss information, and it’s found right here, at 180DegreeHealth.

It takes time. It takes persistence. It takes courage. But the end results are clear. The information at 180DegreeHealth can help countless people achieve the ultimate weight management dream:? eat as much as you want, exercise if you feel like it, and maintain a healthy, well-muscled body without excess body fat into old age.? This is what life is like for a person with a healthy metabolism, and the greatest natural tools for optimizing the metabolism are kicking and screaming at 180DegreeHealth.