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Katy BowmanI got me a big ol’ marlin on the line this time!

A couple years ago the 180DegreeHealth comments were overtaken by talk of this woman that I just “had to” get to know. And that’s Katy Bowman. The commenters felt that she was this beacon of awesomeness similar to the Great One but with all of her focus primarily on the biomechanical and postural origins of illness. They also said something about her lactating, and my intrigue quickly turned to obsessive need to find out about this person immediately.

I read some of her stuff, then reached out to invite her to write a guest post for the One Eight Dizzle. But no dizzle. She was too bizzle.

And then I did it again.

Busy again.

When 180 Radio went live she was one of my first invites, but the lady is just busy okay (and a lot more respectful of her time than I am), and that’s why it’s taken me so long to finally reel her in for a chat. It just goes with the territory when you’re like the world’s leading authority on a subject and also the mom of two kids under three years of age. I feel guilty for hounding her, but hound her I did, and I finally stole her away from her other obligations for almost a whole hour.

Listen to this long-awaited conversation on’the latest episode of the 180DegreeHealth podcast?HERE.

Learn more about Katy’s work at