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It’s no secret that reducing carbohydrates in your diet to an extreme level slows down the metabolism.  It does this by lowering production and/or synthesis of the active thyroid hormone – the one that REALLY counts, T3 – triiodothyronine. 

I won’t abuse it again, but I’ve mentioned many times that even Dr. Atkins was aware of this, and stated outright that his diet “tends to shut down thyroid function” over time, which can be diagnosed by having a low body temperature.

Low-carb author Rob Faigin also acknowledges this, stating, in Natural Hormonal Enhancement:

“… T3 is a key regulator of metabolic rate, and that calorie restriction causes a decline in T3.  Studies also show that diets that continuously restrict carbohydrate (like the Atkins diet, for instance) cause a reduction in T3, and that administering carbohydrate can restore T3 levels after they have declined.” 

For this one simple claim, Faigin cites 10 separate studies.  The key word in the above quote for Faigin would be “continuously,” meaning without periodic carbohydrate re-feeding. 

Anyway, you guys know this already, and many of you have first-hand negative experiences with prolonged carbohydrate restriction – even after initially excellent results.  I find it absolutely ridiculous, almost comical in fact, that the National Metabolism Society is a collective of people advocating severe carbohydrate restriction for the metabolism??!!!  Or that Datis Kharrazian, hypothyroidism specialist, is all about carbohydrate restriction?   

Today, go check out this post by former zero carb carnivore Danny Roddy who ran his body temperature down to 95 degrees F on a diet that he was led to believe was the optimal human diet.  The post is entitled,
I Used to Think Matt Stone was a Douche, I was Wrong. 

Like many of you here, you probably once thought I was a “douche” as well, but later came to believe that my run around the internet and attack people antics were really sincere, and geared towards getting noticed, and more importantly – remembered, by all the icey cold people out there following a low-carb or Paleo diet that really needed to hear the 180 message.

In Danny’s case, the arithmetic is as follows:

95.0 + 180 = 97.5

If you have a low body temperature, like many others, you have a very high likelihood of being able to overturn that and overcome health problems related to it by following the diet and lifestyle recommendations lined out in the free eBook on how to raise your metabolism accessible HERE.