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It’s day 15 of the milk diet, and there are many more positives and far fewer negative to report than a week ago.  I’ll spare you the written details and go straight into this week’s videos. 

The first two videos are on the many cholesterol contradictions, myths, etc.  If you think you’ve got the whole heart disease thing all figured out, then think again.  There are many more head-scratchers and unturned stones when it comes to figuring out what exactly causes heart disease, atherosclerosis, and whether or not the standard risk profile beliefs are all that relevant in the big scheme of things.  Interesting details about the Masai, those skinny suns-a-bitches over in Africa that are pretty much on the milk diet from birth to death, as well as the Kitavans. 

And then finally, my milk diet to date report.  Day 15 today – half way through.  Going well, but I wouldn’t turn down some warm, salty anything right about now.