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Metabolic damage, or ruining your metabolism to the point where your body temperature is low, you can’t lose weight and certainly can’t keep it off?no matter how hard you try, and so forth – is one of the primary areas of focus of 180D. In fact, I’ve gone so far as to write an eBook that is basically a road map for restoring metabolic health FOUND HERE.

Scott Abel and many people who train?fitness competitors have seen this phenomenon repeatedly as well, as figure competitors get’very lean with hardcore dieting, immediately?balloon up after the competition, and are never able to return to that level of leanness ever again despite monumental efforts. If they do, it gets harder and harder and harder each time they do it. My sister was telling me just last night of a friend of hers that used to be a figure model, and is now a big hunk of burnin’ burnin’ love. Typical.

And keep in mind,?THESE?ARE FIGURE COMPETITORS, some of the most physically capable specimens on earth for achieving cosmetic fitness.

Other, mortal humans as we have seen run into metabolic damage even more readily, and are sometimes even born metabolically damaged with a subnormal body temperature and propensity to store fat. They experience major diet-induced metabolic damage without ever coming close to seeing their abs… or even their toes.

I’ve always liked?Diana Schwarzbein’s simple litmus test’the best…
“If eating well makes you gain weight, then you have a damaged metabolism.”

Anyway, here are some of Scott Abel’s videos on the topic, warning of the dangers of very low-calorie diets (what he calls an “absolute calorie deficit”), low-carb diets, doing lots of steady-state cardio, and other major errors that are being made in the name of health and physical attractiveness that result in serious health consequences, and a complete backfiring of body image goals long-term. Enjoy. I think’this might’sound very familiar to those who’ve been with 180 for the last several years…

You can read a great article by Abel on the topic of metabolic damage HERE

Oh, and AaronF, who has?Cosgrove’s book in his Amazon cue… you’d probably best be served by watching all of Abel’s videos on youtube for great metabolic exercises. Nobody’s better than Abel in that?department that I’ve come across, and videos beat pictures any day…