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Continuing with the last post on the symptoms of OVERHYDRATION, here is Sean Croxton and I talking on his Underground Wellness podcast about the dangers of fluid overconsumption. Don’t forget to register to hear Sean and I’talking?again in the upcoming PALEO SUMMIT, which you can register for?by clicking on the big box that is currently afloat in the sidebar off to your right. Yeah, the one with the caveman falling off the side of a mountain haha.

FYI, one of the things I mention in the podcast which is a particularly good example of the physiology behind the negative manifestations of the overconsumption of water, is this study showing that drinking water can induce seizures in infants. And THIS Write up on it. To listen, push the play button below. Our talk starts after several minutes of intro.

As of December 1, 2012 you can now read about this topic at great length in the book Eat for Heat.

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