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Mineral-InteractionThis month, me n’ Doc G talk about mineral ratios and the significance Garrett is finding them to have with real live patients in his personal practice.

We discuss interesting interactions between sodium and potassium, calcium and phosphorous, calcium and potassium, calcium and magnesium, zinc and copper, copper and iron, and others.

With targeted supplementation and periodic monitoring of the changes in the mineral levels in new hair growth, it’s possible to change these ratios dramatically. When they change, people often feel and function differently, which means there must be something significant about mineral levels as well as proportions and mineral interactions. That’s really no secret, but the “pseudoscientific” way of tracking these changes is what makes Dr. Garrett a raging lunatic. You know, because just throwing pills down the hatch blindly and hoping for the best is a more credible approach.

Listen as we discuss it and giggle about pubes?HERE.