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By Matt Stone

I thought Bob Greene,?perhaps America’s leading ambassador?for the statistically-counterproductive pursuit of intentional weight loss (dieting), had really crossed the line by having people sign contracts to crash diet. But Greene has been thoroughly topped by the actions of one Korean mother who recently demanded her daughter to sign a contract stating that she (the daughter) MUST lose an irrational 15 pounds in 30 days to avoid paying a $400 penalty.

Sadly, the girl, at an athletic and voluptuous weight of 145 pounds (5’2″)?does not need to lose any weight for health reasons or to enhance her attractiveness, and in fact has seen improvements in her body’s shape, composition, and overall femininity by QUITTING DIETING (and gaining about 10 pounds of healthy tissue doing so). If you are a reader of this site you may have seen her pics in the discussion on body composition in my book Diet Recovery 2.

Unfortunately, the girl may be forced to pay the $400 or move out (neither of which she can afford as a young college’student). I thought this would be a good opportunity to go beyond friendly online discussion and actually try to make a difference in a person’s life in the real world.

I contacted her and asked that, if’the regular readers of this site, passersby that read this article, and myself all?chip in and help, that she:

  1. Not cave to her mother’s demands and do any dieting
  2. Not intentionally lose any weight for her July 17 weigh-in
  3. Take some kind of stand against her mother in defiance of this atrocious abuse (I’m willing to stretch my imagination and think that she might actually have good intentions, but is tragically misinformed)

She agreed enthusiastically, and?hopes to?document this stand in some way (while doing her best to protect her and her mother’s identity).

Here’s how you can help…

The most important thing is that her mother is somehow moved to stop this long-held?pattern of verbal abuse?and shaming employed to motivate her daughter to fit some kind of skewed ideal. Please send a sincere, intelligently-written email explaining why you think she should not diet, doesn’t need to?lose weight, is perfectly beautiful how she is, what dieting did to you personally?in terms of how you look and feel, and whatever you feel inspired to share to She will print off the suitable?ones and deliver them to her mother to help make her case. The bigger and more passionate that stack the more convincing it will be.

Secondly, I thought it might be prudent in this situation to set up this page for donations. Yes, she needs the money, and if she gets some really generous donations she very well might be able to move out and into her own apartment free from mom’s wrath, but I like it as a gesture in general – showing psycho mom that there are perfect strangers out there – all across the country and the world,?willing to pay her more to NOT diet than mom is forcing her to fork over. If you?would like to donate, you can by pressing the?crazed Asian lady below. Donation is set to $10, but you can edit the price to whatever you like and press the “update cart” button.

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***Update*** Donations are now closed. $305 was raised and I chipped in to send it to $401. See the check below.

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