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Mama NaturalYeah! I love me some Mama Natty. She’s funny, creative, and super passionate about being a natural, healthy mama. I mean, she even posts herself giving birth on YouTube in all its awkward glory, where five or so million people have enjoyed her grunts and groans.

Someone I’ve actually met and hung out with in real life, me n? Mama Natty have always gotten along quite well. We?re close man. I’ve even played with her urine. For a while back there in 2011, urine samples were like a handshake for me. A little embarrassing in retrospect, but nothing that we can’t and won’t giggle about today.

Listen in as we talk about lactation problems, eating placentas, and other completely natural phenomena that’s often thought of as taboo in the latest episode of the 180DegreeHealth Podcast.

Check out more of Mama Natural on her website, Facebook, and YouTube.