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Hey everybody. Don’t be concerned if you are on the 180D mailing list and have recently received (or soon receive) a message out of the blue requesting that you confirm your email subscription. By SPAM laws this must be done. There have been horrendous problems with our old and outdated email service provider (Hell, I don’t even receive the email updates I send out to the list!), and we have just upgraded to AWeber, which is considered to be’the most reliable.

Apologies for everyone who has been trying to access the Starter Kit recently with no luck. I just updated it with some new info. at the end, with 5 very basic yet very effective tips for increasing metabolic rate. This is great for those who don’t have the time or money to read any of the books but want just a few basics about why metabolism is so important and what to do about it. It’s also a good summary for those wanting to know what to prioritize amongst the many actions one can take to optimize metabolism.

It should be working properly now. Whether you’ve subscribed before or not, enter your email address into one of the Starter Kit boxes (orange box to the right, or big blue rectangle at the bottom of every post) and you can access the new and updated Starter Kit.

Sorry for the inconvience. Happy reading.

In other news, you can read a recent article of mine published elsewhere called Eat Hard, Play Hard, Sleep Hard.