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I’ve been an even busier boy this week than ever. But I wanted to let all the blog-following faithful know what’s going on out there.

First up are 3 brand new 180 Kitchen posts. Thai coconut soup, Thai Massaman curry, and Baby Back ribs all have their own posts and tutorial videos. To see the latest there, click HERE.

I’ve also uploaded 8 new content pages to the main site at  Click on any pages that interest you:

High-Fructose Corn Syrup
High Triglycerides
Genetically Engineered Food
High Blood Sugar
Safe Weight Loss

The low-carb one is probably my favorite :)

I also began archiving my podcasts on a youtube channel, and they are now availabe for anyone to listen to. This week’s topic was a continuation of our discussion on leptin, fructose, and insulin resistance/type 2 diabetes/etc. In the podcast, I do provide a quick summary of Robert Lustig’s video, Sugar: The Bitter Truth for those who want a 10-minute version instead of a 90-minute version.

Check out the podcast HERE and help 180 out by clicking the Subscribe button while you’re there.

If you’re having any trouble keeping up with all that I’ve been up to, please follow me on Twitter. I’m a total Twitter whore now, and I report nearly everything I do on the internet there with direct links. I post links to good  non-180 articles and videos as well as articles that I’ve posted comments on (not all, just the really good ones).  I’d love to have you join me there and “ReTweet” the crap out of all your favorite 180 blurbs. 

Hope you like all the goodies!