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Newsletter Issue 5

Issue #5. Published April 1, 2014

From Matt Stone

This section features new content from 180 founder Matt Stone.

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?Resistant Starch Cleanse

It’s spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Happy spring everyone! And with spring of course comes time to cleanse! All year long we?fill our bodies with villainous toxins, but we’ve got to have something to clean out all of the heavy metals and contaminants from?Monsanto’s devious activities. Depending on where?you are?in the world, you may also be unknowingly exposed to very high doses of chemtrails from?government planes?flying around dumping?poisons into the air to lower your IQ and make your sperm swim to the left.

Well, “they” may think they can make?my sperm’swim to the?left, but little do they know that I have found the answer to making?all of the world’s citizens completely immune to’toxins by virtue of the ultimate?way to purge your cells and tissues of contaminated debris. With a big Fukushima?You to all of the modern pollutants, I present: The Resistant Starch Cleanse.

The formula is simple: Just blend 10 green bananas (peels included) with 1 cup of potato starch and?a half stick of butter. Add ice for more of a slushy texture. Consume immediately before bed. It may sound kind of gross, but the good news is that you just have to do this cleanse once. But let me tell you the story of how I stumbled upon this unbeatable formula and the research behind it…

I was sitting in an ice bath one day talking to Jack “Karnival” Kruse on?Skype about neuropeptides and how they, along with adiponectin,?will be affected by radiation from Fukishima, and?a mysterious phrase entered my mind as if it was placed there by a higher power. I simply heard the words, “Remember Resistant Starch.”

After Kruse?hopped off of Skype’to go make a high-zinc?protein power?lunch for Dave Asprey and some’teenage Asian girls, the voice grew louder.”Remember?resistant starch. REMEMBER RESISTANT STARCH!” The’sudden psychic energy possessed me, and I hopped out of my ice water submersion tank four minutes before my 45-minute timer buzzed.”Upregulating my thyroid activity through cold-water thermogenesis can wait,” I thought, and I rushed over to my laptop without even drying off. Doesn’t matter.Even soaking wet after a 41-minute ice bath I wasn’t cold. You get used to it. The body can?adapt to anything! Amazing!

I logged into my YouTube account and scrolled through to watch my Resistant Starch video from back in 2010. I listened to it carefully,’straining to figure out why’the voice had kept repeating “Remember Resistant Starch.” Just as I was about to give up and watch’some Erwan Le Corre videos, the voice spoke again. “Bionic Propionic, Bionic Propionic.”

I wasn’t quite sure what it meant, and I thought I knew everything about propionic acid–a short-chain saturated fatty acid produced in the gut from the fermentation of resistant starch, but I Googled it one more time just for shits and grins, and sure enough–the first search result turned up?a breaking news story about propionic acid and increased tail length in juvenile rhesus monkeys.

I was puzzled. It didn’t seem to have any meaning to me whatsoever. “Who does this kind of insignificant research?” I thought. “Probably Cargill or something.” I got ready for bed, completely baffled and confused–a little let down to be honest. I thought the voices must have meant something. But I had an old can of resistant starch-laden potato starch?lying around in the cupboard, so I decided to take the most massive dose?I’ve ever taken. I?blended up an entire cup with 10?green bananas, peels?included, with a half stick of melted butter to?make sure the glucose would release slowly in my system overnight.

I went to bed and quickly dozed off…

It’s 4am. I wake up feeling panicked. My heart is racing. Immediately my mind starts running wild. I remember that the tail contains spinal tissue, and that spinal tissue is chock full of stem cells. That means the propionic acid must have ramped up stem cell production in the rhesus monkeys. In a flurry of high beta brain wave activity, my mind starts making connections.

“Stem cells are involved in tissue regeneration, where there is a high rate of tissue regeneration, there is always heightened turnover of cellular debris–similar to that seen in autophagy, and with ramped up cellular toxin disposal…This is big.”

I know I’m onto something big, maybe even bigger than Zeolites, Bentonite Clay, or even Kangen water. ThenI start noticing that my skin is feeling?incredibly soft. The wrinkles in the corners of my eyes feel like they’re completely gone. I rush to the bathroom. Amazingly, my appearance is changing. It’s like I’m undergoing a rapid metamorphosis in the bathroom. My’thinning hair starts growing in before my very eyes. My?beard thickens. I feel my libido kick in and smile thinking of how happy my?lady is going to be.

As if this wasn’t already amazing enough, I feel a strange sensation just below my tailbone. I reach back and, although I can scarcely believe it, I can feel myself growing?a tail. It grows and grows. I’m nervous, but at the same time I’m excited knowing that many of the changes I’m quickly experiencing?must be?due to the massive surge of stem cells coursing through my veins. I can’t believe it, but the research on propionic acid and increased tail length is beyond confirmed.

My metamorphosis complete, I look into the mirror, muscles pumped, youthful skin and hair returned to peak form, and shout “Free the Animal! Free the Animal.”

Then I feel the entire room start to shake back and forth. I feel a sense of fear, not sure what’s happening, then…

“Sweetheart… honey… Matt,?you’re dreaming again” says a voice, as a I feel a hand rocking me back and forth.

“Who are you calling Matt! My name is Richard!” I say, defiantly.

Disoriented, my mind feels scrambled as I try to figure out what’s going on. I’m lying down in my bed, not in a bathroom at all. I start to doubt that what I’ve experienced is real?and reach down to feel for my tail. It’s still there.

“Ahah! I’m not dreaming! I’ve grown a tail. It’s true,” as I lift up the covers to show her.

“Oh sweetheart,” she says, cringing, “I told you’those bananas weren’t ripe enough yet. I’ll go get some paper towels.”
Best of the blog

This section features one of the greatest hits from 180D’s seven year blog and its 666 published posts.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky Gut Syndrome DiagnosisBy Matt Stone

Leaky Gut Syndrome is a silent cause of a wide range of maladies. But when the symptoms are so diverse and varying, overlapping with so many other conditions, it’s hard to know if you really have a leaky gut or not. After years of reading articles all over the internet, participating in various forums, consulting with many alternative health practitioners, and engulfing a slew of books by knowledgeable underground health gurus with a keen focus on digestion, I’ve been led to believe that it’s actually fairly easy and straightforward to properly diagnose yourself with leaky gut syndrome. Recently, I put together a helpful flowchart that simplifies the diagnosis.

Leaky Gut Syndrome Diagnosis Flowchart

Leaky Gut Dietary Guidelines

Avoid all starch, sugar, protein, salt, and fat. Take lots of probiotics. Do lots of coffee enemas. Drink two gallons of water per day.

Gut Dysbiosis Dietary Guidelines

Avoid all starch, sugar, protein, salt, and fat. Take lots of probiotics. Do lots of coffee enemas. Drink two gallons of water per day.

This flowchart can also be used to properly diagnose oneself with Lyme Disease, candida overgrowth, MTHFR deficiency, SIBO, 36 different autoimmune diseases, adrenal fatigue, gluten sensitivity, and Histamine allergy. The dietary guidelines are useful against all of those conditions as well.

180 Kitchen

This section features recipes, cooking tips, and food discussion by Matt Stone.bulletproof coffee

Video of the monthThis section highlights one of the best health-related videos on the web each month.

Top 10 Tips for Fast and Easy Weight Loss

Here is a video I did a couple of years back. I know many of you have voiced the desire to shed a few pounds, and these are my top 10 ways to cut back on calories, allowing you to shed some of the refeeding fluff many of you might have gained in the first few months of getting your metabolism back in working order…

Featured Article

This section features an article by one of the leading minds in health each month.

Revised sow with sunJoe Rignola?is a fantastic?and passionate writer. He’ll soon have his very own show on 180 Radio as well. ?You can grab a copy of his latest book for FREE April 1-5 right HERE. ??

Your Body is Stupid

By Joe Rignola

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Joe. I’m an extreme health researcher and health coach to the health coaches to the stars.

I’ve been researching the scientific literature on health, fitness, and nutrition for at least 4 months now, and I’ve come to a shocking conclusion: Your body is stupid.

Yes, that’s right, your body cannot be trusted and your instincts are completely wrong. If you want to be healthy and fit, you must follow my advice. Sit quietly, listen to what your body is telling you it wants, and then do the exact opposite. That’s is the ultimate secret that I’ve uncovered through my extreme research.

For example, a recent study in the Journal of New England Nutrition, scientists found that when mice were craving sugar, they were actually ?deficient in the nutrient Coenzyme NF Cappa 7. When they fed the mice arugula and tree bark, their cravings went away. The researchers also noted that ?the mice lost significant weight, and then died.??

Wow! The mice did what? Yes! Extreme weight loss by ignoring your instinct to eat sugar and instead eating arugula and tree bark! You’re welcome.

In another study performed at the University of Biological Medicine, Dr. Malcolm Freehand and his team fed mice a strict diet of cocaine making sure they got thoroughly addicted. He then gave the mice a choice between cocaine and a glazed doughnut and astonishingly, the mice chose the doughnut. The team did note that ‘since the mice had eaten nothing but cocaine for 3 weeks, they may have just been hungry.

The conclusion: PROOF that Sugar is more addicting that cocaine!

Did you know that if you crave chocolate, it means you’re deficient in magnesium? That’s right. Chocolate is extremely high in magnesium, but you know what else is high in magnesium? Legumes. Instead of chocolate, simply eat lentils. Problem solved!

Do you typically crave sweet foods? You’re deficient in sulfur and tryptophan. Eat things like horseradish, cabbage, cauliflower, liver, and spinach. Cravings gone! Boom!

If you’re always craving carbs like bread or pasta, it means you’re dangerously low in nitrogen. Eat plenty of meat, nuts, and soil. If your cravings don’t subside in 30 minutes, then check into your nearest holistic cleanse center for healing (or try Matt’s Resistant Starch Cleanse). You’re obviously not absorbing nutrients due to leaky gut (see above for help diagnosing it) and a serious condition known as Absorption Fatigue Syndrome (AFS).

Health research is hard. You need to know where to look and how to read. Did you know that there are insidiously horrible ingredients lurking in almost every food ever? Ketchup is disguised as a healthy and delicious tomato based condiment, but did you know that is also has sugar? That’s right, the secret Food Industrial Complex (FIC) has secretly hidden sugar in your ketchup to get you addicted to it. Speaking of condiments, did you know Dijon mustard contains (you might want to sit down for this) white wine! Yes, it’s true. The evil FIC is trying to get everyone, even our kids, strung out on junk food and alcohol.

I could go on but you probably won’t understand so much science. However, I’ve done all the hard work for you. I’ve condensed my extreme scientific research from the last 4 months and put it all in one awesome package. It’s my simple, step-by-step program I call, Triple Extreme Health and it’s now available at an amazing discount.

Get more information here:

Thanks and I’ll see you on the other side.

180 ReaderThis section features some thoughts and experiences shared by a 180 reader. If you would like to contribute, send an email to rob@180degreehealth, and you can be the next featured reader.

180 Reader Matthew Green

Matthew GreenThe work of Dr. Ray Peat is currently taking the health world by storm.Matthew Green?is an official ?Ray Peat Practitioner? having studied Peat’s work in depth.I interviewed Matthew below, giving him a chance to?answer some of your most pressing questions about Dr. Peat’s work:

MS: So Matthew, how did you hear about Dr. Peat?

MG: Well that’s an interesting story! I was on Facebook one day and was trolling a conversation about saturated fat. There was a guy on there who claimed to have improved his health while eating ice cream. I then clicked on his page and went through all his posts and found that he was following the work of Ray Peat. I clicked on Peat’s website and saw a picture of an ice cream cone on the homepage. It was then that I decided to dedicate my life to spreading the word of Dr. Peat.

MS: So how did you become certified as an official Ray Peat Practitioner?

MG: I started out by reading some of the articles on his site. Then I watched some of Josh Rubin’s YouTube videos and befriended Danny Roddy on Facebook. Finally, I subscribed to Rob Turner’s page and then I started marketing myself as an official Peat Practitioner.

MS: So tell me a bit about the Ray Peat diet.

MG: Well there is no Ray Peat diet as such. He just presents research and lets the readers come to their own conclusions. There is no dietary dogma here and people are free to make their own decisions.

MS: So there is nothing you need to avoid?

MG: Not at all. Except PUFAs of course which are completely toxic.

MS: So let me ask you about your opinions on some specific foods. First of all, sugar?

MG: Ok, I know where you’re going with this. You want to hear about how dangerous sugar is don’t you? Well let me tell you. The human body runs on white sugar, not meat. If you want to have energy and a fully-functioning thyroid you need to base your diet on sugar and stop doing Paleo. It’s ridiculous that people vilify a specific food and make out that it’s inherently toxic or evil.

MS: Ok, so what about nuts?

MG: Toxic.

MS: Seeds?

MG: Poison.

MS: Chicken?

MG: May as well start planning your own funeral.

MS: Grains?

MG: Toxic Poison.

MS: Beans and Legumes?

MG: Thyroid suicide.

MS: Vegetables?

MG: PUFA-laden toxic poison.

MS: Interesting. So what does your daily diet look like?

MG: Breakfast is a bowl of ice cream, a glass of baking soda and 4 cups of coffee. Lunch is a bowl of ice cream, 4 cups of coffee and a thimble of salt. Dinner is a grass-fed bison liver, 6 cups of coffee, 28 oysters, A gallon of bone broth, 2 gallons of milk, and a pint of Epsom salts. I also snack during the day to keep my metabolism up so I have 3 cups of coffee, a litre of orange juice and a litre of sugared milk every hour.

MS: Wow, that’s a lot of food. Have you gained weight since starting this diet?

MG: Only 35kgs or so but that is just stored glycogen, added muscle mass, and thyroid hypertrophy.

MS: A lot of people claim they have put on 10-15 lbs since starting the Peat diet, what are your thoughts on that?

MG: These people need to understand that there is no Peat diet and that they need to boost their metabolism before they can lose weight. Idiots.

MS: Some people have claimed that there is a cult mentality amongst Peat-followers which is a little off-putting.

MG: Who said that? Tell me their names so I can ban them from my private Peat forum and alert the other Peat Practitioners about their slanderous comments.

MS: Do you think drinking so much milk could be problematic for some people?

MG: No. People who think they are lactose-intolerant don’t understand Peat properly and just need to up their progesterone intake by drinking 3-4 gallons of milk a day. Ray says that dairy farmers treat their cows really well so they can live long and make great milk so there is no reason to be concerned about the quality of dairy.

MS: What do you think about supplements?

MG: Well Ray says that supplements are unnecessary and potentially problematic, so I prefer that people get all their nutrients from food.

MS: So you don’t take any supplements then?

MG: Well I do take 10,000IU of Vitamin D as I spend so much time moderating my private forum that I don’t get any sunlight. Plus I take 8 grams of Vitamin C as you can’t trust oranges these days. And I take 100,000 IU of Vitamin A to balance out the Vitamin D and then I also take Vitamin B1, B3, B6 and B12 daily. I also take Vitamin E every day in case I eat food and need to balance out the PUFAs. But that’s about it. Oh and Vitamin K as well to balance out the 4 grams of aspirin I take daily. I also drink a pint of baking soda and a pint of Epsom salts daily but they don’t really count as supplements as you’re not really supposed to drink them. On top of that I take Thyroid-S that I have shipped in from Thailand and Cynomel and Cytomel that I get shipped in from Mexico. I also take 8 drops of Progest-E and 6 pregnenolone tablets daily as well as 10,000mg of Calcium Carbonate as I only drink 9 gallons of milk a day and need to cancel out the phosphate in my bison liver. Or is it phosphorous? I can’t remember. I also take some LSD each day as I heard Ray likes Aldous Huxley’s work. So on the whole, no, I don’t really use supplements.

MS: Some people have said that the Peat diet is mainly a liquid diet and that it’s not very satiating.

MG: Let me ask you a question. Is Liver a solid food? Ummm yes! Is Ice Cream a solid food? Ummm yes! Is baking soda a solid food? Ummm yes! Seriously, people need to read Ray Peat’s work before they start making these libelous claims.

MS: Do you exercise whilst doing this diet?

MG: I don’t do cardio as it is stressful and will raise my cortisol, lower my metabolism, and kill off my thyroid. I lift weights instead, but I have my spotting partner lower the weights for me as eccentric contractions will give me cancer long-term.

MS: Well thanks for your time Matthew, I wish you all the best on your journey.

MG: No problem, nice talking to you and I hope your family knows you don’t love them.

MS: Sorry?

MG: I saw an empty packet of Peanuts in your car.

MS: Erm, ok. Bye.

~The End; Happy April Fools Everyone!