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Happy New Year everyone! It’s usually?around this time every year that I encourage and empower people to, instead of gearing up to set goals in opposition to oneself (New Year’s Resolutions), especially as it pertains to exercise and dietary habits -‘to actually commit to spending a whole year without being on some kind of diet. Instead of writing some passionate essay about it, I defer to what is arguably the most popular post I’ve ever written – Weight Fixation: “Waist” of Time.

2012 was a big year. Just last week I was reading through?an old book of mine, and it was like I was reading the writing of a stranger. It made me think about just how far?I’ve come since the days of?paddling through the sea of conflicting ideas and trying to sift the train wreck of information in my head. Health, especially when it comes to practical stuff that can be reasonably implemented into a person’s life with noticeable effectiveness,?is about more than just coming up with the best set of logic, data, programs, or plans.?Attempts at coming up with’solutions from’the psyche is?fraught with risk, as ideas create massive interference with the built-in cues our bodies have – cues designed to keep our bodies stable and healthy with a degree of precision a set formula can rarely achieve.

So anyway, don’t diet in 2013. Diets by nature are an attempt to go against?instinct. It’s mind vs. body, and such an approach to health or even?a better body rarely work out – despite the initial elusive?improvements.

I’m psyched for a big year this year. It’s going to be unlike any other thus far. I?anticipate spending most of my time working on short writing projects on topics as diverse as?restless leg syndrome and anxiety to’the benchpress. I even plan on going beyond “advice” books and “health” books?and writing in completely new genres.

I wish you all?a Happy New Year and hope you too feel excitement about the things’that lie ahead. If?not,?work on fixing that – not some problem you have with who you are that needs some kind of?”resolution.”