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I hosted a fun game on the 180DegreeHealth Facebook page last night. Sort of a “Guess this food” type of game based on the mineral content. Today, we square two foods off against one another. On the left side we have Sample Food A, weighing in at a whopping 100 grams. The challenger, Sample Food B also weighs in at 100 grams – an even head to head comparison of nutritional strength and prowess.

We could squabble about the merits and evils of every known food on the planet. Almost every food has it?upside and its downside. But this is?an interesting perspective to look at from a purely nutritionist point-of-view. For now, see if you can guess which two foods we are comparing here.

It should be noted that anywhere you see this little squiggly sign (~) it means that no data was compiled for that nutrient. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t’some of that?vitamin or mineral in the food itself. Don’t consider it a ZERO or that just wouldn’t be fair.

Consider the pic of Kuni above, host of Wheel of Fish, to be a clue as to what you will win if you successfully guess what’s in the boxes!