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Well boys and girls, the time has come.?In a matter of weeks I will be releasing an eBook?entitled 12 Paleo Myths. I don’t mean to single out this diet and pick on the poor little fella, because I could easily write a book called 12 Vegan Myths, 12 Low Fat Myths,?The Weight Watchers Myth, 12 Low-Carb Myths, and so on. But the Paleo diet seems to be the one gaining the most steam in the alternative nutrition world at the moment. And if there’s one thing that drives me nuts about Paleo or any diet it?is the blind infatuation of the leaders and followers of the movement. This infatuation needs some counterbalancing, and, more importantly, there needs to be a strong source of information about it for those who are struggling on it and’thinking they are struggling simply because they aren’t trying hard enough. Damn that 1 bagel I had back in 2009!!

Plus, I would like to straighten out?certain things about the diet so that if you were to be eating a grain and?dairy free diet, you wouldn’t simultaneously be carbophobic – which is the primary kiss of death for most of those who fail on it. Of course a Paleo diet doesn’t have to be low in carbohydrates. I know that. I recognize that. But I consider the primary leaders of the Paleo Diet movement’to be?Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson,?and Art De Vany. And they are all spreading the same’scientific saber-toothed Ligers (the mythical beast shown above)?about carbohydrates and insulin. The book is?not even meant to be a slam on the Paleo diet (which has a ton of virtues),?but more of a reality check about certain wings of the Paleo movement that are broken and featherless. I want to take these broken wings and learn to fly again.

What I would like from you guys, is as many detailed stories about your experiences as possible to be included in the book – with your name shown or left anonymous (your preference). I say “detailed” because if they aren’t,?we’re going to have a bunch of stories that sound the same, like this generic Paleo Fail story that I just made up…

“Dude I felt awesome and had so much energy and lost weight and my skin got clear and all?my health problems improved… And 6 months later my energy and sex drive started to plummet,I was cold all the time – especially my hands and feet, I became phobic about eating any carbs and went even lower in carbs – this was a nightmare that went on for two entire years! And my health problems started to all come back with new ones along with it. And the weight started to creep back on again. Finally I started eating carbs again. At first I felt awful, hypoglycemic, and bloated with crazy hunger – and my skin broke out with tons of pimples. But I noticed feeling warmer and my sex drive coming back so I pressed on. And thank God I did. After a?few monthsI feel like my old self again. And I’m leaner and more muscular than I was eating just 30 grams of carbs per day – even eating pizza and drinking soda! Finally got my life back. You rock Matt Stone!”

So yes, give me excruciating details about specific health problems. I want to hear about’the psychological entrapment of the ideology. I want to hear about social anxiety of going to a restaurant with friends. I want it?all. I wanna hear about how gluten used to give you problems, but doesn’t anymore. Whatever you wanna share.

And I want it written with your intended audience in mind. That intended audience will be someone who is probably doing the Paleo Diet, and struggling just?enough to be curious about this book. I want them to be able to relate to your stories, and see that there may be another way.I want you to address the readers personally and remind them that you can relate to what they are feeling and how they are thinking. Think about what you needed to hear back when you were doing it to get you to a better place.

It can be as’short as a paragraph?or long-winded – as in several pages. I will probably publish them all.?And it’s important that I get a lot in the book. I don’t want people to get the sense that there are a few anomalies – probably?people who just weren’t “doing it right.”? I want people to see just how common this scenario plays out. And while most of the physical problems you may have experienced were from restricting carbohydrates, if the?popular Paleo books and websites in any way influenced your diet and beliefs about what you should and shouldn’t be eating – it’s fair game.

And hurry. I don’t wanna give you a month to do it or you will take a month to do it. My birthday is February 6th. You can send me these as a birthday gift! Or, in the words of Arnold… “Do it now!”

You can post them in comments below if you don’t mind them being public in the book. If not, send me an email, subject: Paleo Fail, at

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