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Attention everyone! There is a massive and urgent problem that humanity faces. It’s called “overpopulation.”

That’s right, with the dawn of agriculture came a huge rise in global population. It seems that neolithic foods, particularly grain and milk, were such healthy foods that they offered mankind with simply too much of an ecological advantage. As soon as the fields and pastures gave rise to these new foods, we began proliferating like all species tend to do when health is at a maximum.

For years I’ve been incapable of coming up with a solution to this huge problem. I became even more confused when I read Lierre Keith’s The Vegetarian Myth, in which the overpopulation issue was highlighted as mankind’s primary concern heading forward, while simultaneously reading that vegan diets must be abandoned for one with plenty of meat and butter?? This really threw me off. For years I’ve thought that the vegan diet was the perfect diet for keeping human proliferation under control, and was shocked to see Keith warn against veganism while sounding the sirens over the overpopulation issue.

But let it be known that a far more logical solution is out there. I can’t believe it never dawned on me before. It makes perfect sense! If we need to keep our population growth under control, why not revert to a diet and lifestyle of a former time in which population growth was negligible?? That of course, is the metabolically-crippling low-carb version of the Paleo diet complete with the Paleo lifestyle of anti-sex hormone-like activities such as fasting.

This e-mail sent to me the other day by a prolific Paleo blogger that was tired of being sick and infertile and decided to abandon her Paleo ways says it all. My kudos to Mark Sisson. His “Primal Challenge” may just be the thing that solves this population problem, saving mankind from walking over the edge of the overpopulation cliff. And the best thing about it is that the metabolism slows down so much that delayed stomach emptying can still give women the satisfaction of feeling pregnant even though they are far from it!

“Hey Matt, I’ve been following your work since probably Sep 2009 and I just wanted to write in with a little story and a thank you.For reference, I am a 26 year old female, normal weight (5’7”, 133 lbs). I had been mostly paleo and lowish carb for many years. I started in my very early 20’s for health reasons, not weight reasons, but all my old health problems were creeping back. I had always been fairly lax with my diet (hence the “mostly” paleo and the “lowish” carb), so I figured I just needed to tighten things up a bit. To kick start, I decided to do Mark Sisson’s Primal Challenge back in August 2009. Worst idea ever! I only got worse and added some new bad stuff into the mix, like extreme severe bloating. I called it my food baby because after eating I would literally look 7 months pregnant. Not getting what was going on, I got even MORE restrictive and decided to go meat-only for a week or two to sort myself out. Didn’t even last 3 days on that. Also sometime in there (don’t remember when exactly), my doctor diagnosed me as slightly hypothyroid with a TSH of 3.2 and put me on a low dose of Armour. I took it for 6 weeks and got my blood re-tested and my numbers were actually worse.

So at this point a few good things happened. After my 3 miserable days on meat only I found your website and Diana Schwarzbein’s books. I finally had something to explain why my thyroid had gotten sluggish after all my years of “healthy” eating and how I could fix it.

I did Schwarzbein by the book for 2 weeks and saw modest improvements. Then I was hit with a freak random attack of ulcerative in October (which I’ve never had before or since, but let me tell you pooping blood and mucus is NOT FUN) and kind of reverted to my old ways throughout the holiday season.
I kept reading your stuff though, and back in the beginning of January I decided what the heck, I’ll go for it. I don’t know if I’ve specifically been OVER eating, but I have been making a concerted effort to not skip meals (something I used to do frequently) and I have been making sure I eat at least one starchy carb with every meal. I’ve also been avoiding sugar (even fruit mostly) and vegetable oils. I am eating a ton more grains, beans and dairy than I have in years.

Well I am one happy camper now, let me tell you! I think I gained a pound or three, but in the process I have regained a lot of health. My horrible bloat went away, my energy has gotten a little better (I’ve been very lethargic for awhile), my body temp has gone up a bit, I no longer get stomach aches/nausea, my bowels became regular (I used to joke that I had a shitty shitter), I haven’t had a single headache since I started (I used to get several per week).

I could go on, but overall I used to feel like crap and now overall I feel pretty good. And the big one – after 18 months – EIGHTEEN MONTHS! – of trying and failing miserably (emphasis on the miserably), finally, this month, I was able to get pregnant! Coincidence?? Probably not.

I would have left (a probably briefer) comment on your blog, but I’m not public about being pregnant yet and didn’t want any of my friends/family finding it. :)? But thank you so much, you can’t imagine how much it means to me.”

This email is dispicable! We have an overpopulation problem here! We can’t be going around eating three meals per day, eating foods that we know led us to the point of a global overpopulation crisis, and eating a low fructose diet! This disgusts me! Please, for the love of the planet – its resources, and more, please leave this blog immediately and seek the sage advice of the real heroes of humanity such as Mark Sisson and Kurt Harris… and dare I say Richard Nikoley – a guy who lost weight exercising, fasting, and eating a low-carb diet to the point where he has become the almighty guru of everlasting health and a sustainable planet!