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12 Paleo Myths: Eat Better Than A Caveman eBookThe online?PALEO SUMMIT is underway! Please go REGISTER HERE so you can hear my talk entitled “Matt Stone Debunks Paleo Diet” when it launches tomorrow.

I also wanted to let you know that my latest eBook, 12 Paleo Myths: Eat Better Than a Caveman, is now available for pre-order. Normally I would breeze through writing a book like this, but writing an entire book about what is so head-thumpingly obvious has proven to be quite tedious! I feel like I’m writing a?Master’s thesis on why a fork is not the best utensil for eating soup, if you know what I mean. So it’s still undergoing its final revisions and will be released March 10, 2012.?If you get it?before March 10th, the price will be $14.95 instead of its full launch price of $19.95. So?if you know you want to hear?my take on why?Paleo is such an abysmal failure for so many people, get it early. If you?have purchased the?Platinum Collection in the past, or purchase it between now and March 10th, you will receive the 12 Paleo Myths link?as soon as the book is released. No extra charge.

Anyway, just because it’s been a little bit of a chore to write, doesn’t mean it’s no fun to read! Here is an unedited excerpt below, from a section entitled “Wiener Malfunction” in the Chapter Signs and Symptoms of Paleo Gone Wrong

Wiener Malfunction

This doesn’t have to mean full-on impotency. It could be something very minor, but still noticeable. If you are a male, you know what I mean. There’s 100%, then there’s not 100%. And 100%, as a male, is really important. Anything below 100% starts to make you a little mental during sex. And that slight amount of anxiety just produces even more sympathetic activity.

This is a simple issue really. If sympathetic activity decreases peripheral circulation and constricts blood vessels in the extremities (cold hands and feet), and having an erection depends upon maximum peripheral circulation and blood vessel dilation, you are obviously going to see wiener malfunction frequently occurring. That was one of the first early warning signs that I experienced on a lowish-carb diet. Things started running at 80-90% of max power. On a zero-carb diet, or during harsh calorie restriction, I couldn’t even spell ?boner.? As you can see, I spell it perfectly now, even before spell-checking this.

By the same token, creating a condition in the body with more parasympathetic activity usually corrects this in your typical cold hands/feet type of case. As most men have discovered, taking a nap is a great way to restore erectile function, precisely because sleep is the ultimate way to enter into a parasympathetic dominant, restful state (likewise, stress and nervousness has the opposite effect, triggering too much sympathetic nervous system activity and contricting blood vessels in the periphery). But being TOO parasympathetic can cause troubles too, which is why erectile function is usually crappy immediately after a really heavy meal, and why some people, myself included at first, may experience improvements during the first few months on a restricted diet.

In a cold hands and feet type of male, foods that would make a Paleo guru gasp in horror are incredible at restoring lost junk function. Have 4 pints of Haagen-Dazs ice cream, a quart of fruit juice (or soda), and an entire pizza one day. You will likely wake up the following day with levitating sheets (assuming you weren’t so hot that you had to sleep bare naked, in the snow angel position), and your love rocket might even hurt. Then the phone will ring. It will be Ron Jeremy. He will want something back and it won’t be his hairy back.

There’s no question that poor sexual function is a common side effect of bad body chemistry triggered by a poor diet and lifestyle. But getting away from the many pro-sympathetic Paleo commandments can be just what the nurse ordered.

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