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Please bear with my sick sense of humor, but Pip and I did a short spoof of the 80-10-10 raw vegans Durianrider and Freelea of

What’s wild is that the information in this video is pretty accurate. That is Pip’s actual age, she has lost a lot of weight since starting to work with Challen 6 months ago, she does no structured exercise and hasn’t for a decade. I asked her yesterday how many days out of 7 in a week she ate ice cream as she was achieving the body she currently has (which is much leaner than she was when we were living in Hawaii together and she was eating semi-raw Paleo). Her answer… 7.
I too am getting lean quickly on Challen’s program, with no exercise other than walking a mile or so around town every day to and from his office. Funny thing is – I gained a lot of weight eating to appetite of?junky foods in?April. But with’subtle changes in meal schedule, meal timing,?and meal frequency – here I am?losing weight eating to appetite of the same type of foods (ice cream, pizza, etc.), and with even less exercise. And hey, my pet allergies of 15 years have subsided and the nasty rash I had?break out all over my?lower body?after eating tons of?bananas in the month of June disappeared immediately after?arriving in Wheeling.
Anyway, that’s enough for the previews. On to the feature presentation…