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Sean Croxton is up to his usual extreme interviewing prowess, and is at it again with another online summit featuring nearly 30 interviews. His eardrums must?be made of some kind of titanium alloy.

None of that Paleo stuff this time. This summit is the REAL FOOD SUMMIT. The speakers look good. If you have never heard Joel Salatin speak, who is first in the lineup,I promise you it is worth your time. I’m particularly excited about his talk, not necessarily because of his beliefs but because he is just such a rare character that tricks you into thinking deeply while you’re having a ton of fun. In 2008 I seriously contemplated’spending a year apprenticing?at his farm to learn about his revolutionary?”polyculture.”? But then I came to my senses and remembered how much I hate doing actual work. My solid 10 hours on the couch yesterday is a true testament to that.

Chris Masterjohn,?one of my favorite?nutrition researchers,?also has what I’m sure will be an excellent 2-part series as well.

And me?? Why yesI will be?interviewed on July 15th on real food and weight regulation. I will also probably be the only person who defines real food as that which satisfies – as in the classic American saying,??”Wow, that was some good sushi (or hummus or salad or smoothie, etc.). Now let’s go get some real food!”? If I was honestly presented with two pictures, one of a big plate of French toast and another with grassfed beef and a pile of sauerkraut and asked to pick which plate best exemplifies “real food,” I would pick the French toast every time.

We’ll see what we get into. Generally-speaking, I am still very much about eating quality, nutritious, “real food” in that sense as well. There’s no doubt that the general public could really use a lot more unprocessed, unrefined, homemade food in their diets. But I wouldn’t say that my information has really catered to the general public over the years, but to those who have become obsessive about finding the perfect diet, and have developed phobias about eating any number of different foods. The interview will certainly be more of a “general public” kind of interview, so I will be saying some good things about unprocessed food and its interaction with the weight-regulating forces of our bodies.

Anyway, my interview, as well as all of the others on a wide variety of topics, is completely free on the day that it is aired. Just click on the following link and enter your e-mail address to listen to any and all of the interviews.