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Not trying to promote resistant starch as the next Acai berry or something like that, but the studies done on resistant starch show that, like fiber – and perhaps to an ever greater degree, resistant starch is something that sets refined carbohydrates apart from unrefined carbohydrates – and that sets starch apart from sugar, particularly refined sugar.

For losing weight, there’s no question that the studies on it reveal a rise in metabolism and a spontaneous decrease in food consumption that is patterned by drops in triglycerides, insulin resistance, and other facets of metabolic syndrome as would be expected with big improvements in insulin sensitivity. This is most likely due to the increase in production of butyric and propionic acids in the digestive tract, known to exert tremendous metabolic enhancement.

For more on butyric acid, the importance of a healthy metabolism, and a lengthy discussion on the difference between refined and unrefined carbohydrates in terms of how they influence weight, appetite, digestion, insulin sensitivty, and so on – Diet Recovery is a good read.

Side tangent,’sharing some local culture, and?attempt at humor:

Resistant starch, the ultimate “prebiotic” also likely plays a role in the microbial environment of the GI tract as well, changing the microbial environment towards one that fosters colonization by the very type of bacteria associated with leanness, heightened immunity, protection from colon cancer, and so on.

If I had to choose between taking probiotics or?consuming more resistant starch for improving?gut flora, I’d go all in on resistant starch as being a more effective route.

A good analogy might be that of trying to attract white people to an area, something I’m very familiar with as I live near Aspen, CO where?virtually all marketing and business efforts are geared up towards attracting affluent?white people and their money’to the area.

Taking probiotics is akin to kidnapping affluent white people and bringing them in by bus to an Aspen filled with Pawn shops, tattoo parlors, Swap meets, discount liquor stores, a Bass pro shop, and an RV Superstore – all’things a truly offensively-wealthy white person is terribly fearful of, or being associated with.

Consuming resistant starch is like building golf courses, constructing massive timeshare developments adorned with the name Ritz Carlton, building ski areas, hosting a Classical Music Festival, a Food and Wine Festival, and most genius of all?-?a Jazz Festival with no Jazz (affluent white people think Jazz is really cool, but don’t want to admit that they don’t actually like it and would rather see Wilco, the Black Crowes, Skynard, the Dixie Chicks,?and Glenn Frey).

Get that going and you won’t need to kidnap any rich white people. The skies will darken with private planes within minutes, and you will be surrounded by popped collars, sweatered chihuahas, George Hamilton, and rumors of Johnny Depp?building a house up Castle Creek.

“If you build it, they will come.”

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