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Recently, an article with typical stupifying conclusions that only the New York Times could fumble to such a degree, was commented on by one Matt Stone.  No dickweeds, it is not okay that body temperatures are falling across the nation, that they typically fall as we age, and that it is “normal” to be low.  If I’ve learned anything about being an American citizen, the last thing you want to be is “normal” when it comes to diagnostic tests.  Anyway, here’s my response to the article:

Ladies and gentlemen, what you’re talking about here is the epidemic of modern man. There is scarcely a single health problem that cannot be traced to a hypometabolic state. Just because body temperatures are low, and they typically fall with age, doesn’t mean that it is our destiny or no big deal. The last thing you want to be in this day and age, and in this country, is diagnostically ?normal. That merely means you will most likely die a normal death of heart disease, cancer, while carrying arthritis and a load of excess body fat with you all the way.

The entire focus of my life’s work is raising body temperature through diet and lifestyle – mostly by controlling inflammation and therefore lowering cortisol – the hormone that blocks the action of thyroid hormones and causes body temperature to fall. People from all walks of life are raising their body temperatures and having health problems clear up following my simple advice every day.

Body temperature is so significant that it is virtually impossible to develop heart disease or type 2 diabetes while maintaining a healthy, albeit abnormal body temperature of 98.6 F into old age. Whatever your health problems are, don’t give up until you’ve brought that temperature back to normal. There are countless tips and strategies to do this, and it certainly doesn’t require starvation dieting, overexcercing, and the like, which lower body temperature like nothing else can.

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