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You guys know I like food on the gourmet side of things. In fact, I did several videos making homemade meatballs from scratch and using it for Italian wedding soup, lasagna, and all kinds of stuff that I totally botched and unfortunately will not be able to post :(

But I’m no stranger to the?absurdly simple, quick, painless, and foolproof – and that’s also typically what most people in today’s day and age need to make simple, healthy, home-cooked food a practical possibility. And well, that’s what today’s dish – a simple fish stew made with frozen fish fillets and some store-bought salsa, is all about.

Enhance this dish with all kinds of added goodies – like fresh corn, spinach, mussels, shrimp, clams, okra, saffron, herbs like cilantro or oregano,?or whatever floats your boat.?Dump it all over some rice?or slurp it up with bread if you are one of those gluten-eating daredevils like me!