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Matt Stone is the founder of 180DegreeHealth. He is an independent health researcher and author of more than 10 books, including multiple titles that have made it to #1 in their respective categories on Amazon. ?Most of his research has drawn him towards metabolic rate and how many basic functions (digestion, reproduction, aging, immunity, inflammation, mood, circulation,’sleep) perform better when metabolic rate is optimized. He is most notable for his criticisms of extreme diets and exposing many false diet industry claims, as well as his works on raising metabolic rate through simple changes in diet and lifestyle. His views and findings are discussed exhaustively on the site and cataloged in many of Stone’s books available for sale in the SITE STORE or from vendors like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Lulu. If you would like to work one-on-one with Matt, you can HERE. Read a diverse sampling of his success stories HERE.

Anthony Colpo is a certified Physical Conditioning specialist, independent researcher and author hailing from Australia. He is well-known for his ability to systematically destroy even the most ingrained of diet, training and health myths. Having experienced first-hand the damaging effects of fad diets, Anthony is a strong critic of extreme eating approaches and advocates a non-dogmatic approach to nutrition. Rather than promote rigid, one-size-fits-all diets, Anthony believes in nutritional plans that are tailored to an individual’s needs, tastes, budget and lifestyle. He believes common-sense and sound science should always prevail above marketing and hyperbole. He also maintains a keen interest in strength and conditioning research, which he uses to develop time-efficient programs for improving strength, muscle growth and cardiovascular fitness. Anthony is the author of The Fat Loss Bible and The Great Cholesterol Con, available from Amazon and Lulu. His cyberhome is


Gwyneth Olwyn??is the owner of?Your Eatopia, a leading site for science-based information on restrained eating disorders and recovery from them. She is a patient advocate and a member of?The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.Gwyneth has not dealt with an eating disorder in her personal life and her interest in the area of restrictive eating disorders came about when researching information on recovery options for patients with the condition.Your Eatopia?is’the result of four intensive years of research and synthesis on the topic of science-based options for recovery from restrictive eating disorders.She lives in Vancouver Canada with her family and cats.

Examine supplement guideKurtis Frank and Sol Orwell are quickly becoming known as the top global source for accurate, thorough, and unbiased research on nutritional supplements. In 2011, the?Canadian pair?launched, an independent compendium on supplementation and nutrition. They have one goal – to be the unbiased source for supplements and nutrition. They have spent thousands of hours collating the latest scientific research, compiling over 20,000 primary research references thus far. Their 700-page supplement reference manual, The Supplement Goals Reference Guide, is indisputably considered the best of its kind by many of the leading minds in the health, medical, nutrition, and fitness industries. You can read their contributions to 180DegreeHealth HERE.

Billy Craig profile picBilly Craig is currently engaged in a Psychology MSc to feed his interest in the psychological effect of dieting. He has wide-ranging experience as a NASM Cert. Personal Trainer, CHEK Practitioner, Neuromuscular Therapist and former Professional Mountain Bike Trials Rider. Having never previously entered a gym or considered a diet, Billy became disgruntled at the poor advice he received that ultimately led to him becoming fatter, unhealthier, and unable to ride a bike.This fueled a?desire to prove the local personal trainers wrong, and has since turned into a self-confessed obsession with health research. Billy’s inability to ?just agree? with general exercise and dietary guidelines has seen him forcibly removed from a variety of gyms and weight management clinics for daring to recommend that members exercised less and ate more. This led to the tag line “What would Billy say?” You can learn more about what Billy says at?his Website, on Facebook, or in posts on 180D HERE.

Garrett Smith NMD CSCS BS, is a native and near-lifetime resident of Tucson,? Arizona. He obtained his doctorate from the Southwest College of? Naturopathic Medicine, a BS in Exercise Physiology from the University? of Arizona, and is a licensed physician in AZ, WA, and OR. He combines? his school-and-book learning with personal experience in diets ranging? from vegetarian to raw (Primal, not vegan) and in exercise approaches? ranging from triathlons to powerlifting to CrossFit. Dr. Smith joined? 180D as a reader first (Catecholamine Honeymoon is his favorite post), talked Matt into writing a book with him, and is honored to be a site author. He can be found on the interwebz at on Facebook. You can read all of Garrett’s 180DegreeHealth articles HERE.


Bella Dodds from Higher Mind Healthis an Integrative Health Coach, META-Health Specialist, author, and the president of the International Foundation for Human Potential (a non-profit raising money for clean energy technology). She has been a student in the Healing Arts for over 12 years and has dedicated her life to understanding the innate healing potential of the human body. Bella specializes in an integrative brain-body-psyche-spirit-social approach to HEALTH, which recognizes that health and disease occur on all levels of our organism simultaneously. Her approach with clients involves assisting individuals to get to the root cause of the stresses underlying physical symptoms in the body, and to resolve these imbalances through a self-accountable, transformational, empowering coaching process. Bella is enthusiastic about contributing to the intelligent and important conversation taking place on 180DegreeHealth. You can read her articles HERE. You can get a free introductory consultation with her through the Get Help program.

Vladimir Heiskanen2Vladimir Heiskanen of Finland has been researching and writing about health for several years. Currently a chemistry student at the University of Helsinki and a blogger since 2010, he has a keen interest in human biology, and has studied scores of books, reports and cutting-edge health websites, especially the work of Chris Masterjohn, Paul Jaminet and our very own Matt Stone, among others. His recent explorations, spanning more than 250 research studies, are on human relationships. In his spare time, he applies the same analytic and energetic approach to music as he does to health research, and earns money as a musical performer in concerts and private events. His focus is on piano accompaniment and singing. You can follow his (Finnish) blog HERE. You can read his (English) articles for 180DegreeHealth HERE.

Hannah Ransom, FAE BS, created Holistic Hormonal Health as an endeavor to help women become empowered in their family planning choices as well as understand their reproductive health more fully.Her formal education is in nutrition, but she has since focused on the sympto-thermal method (STM)?of fertility awareness. She became a huge advocate for it through personal use of the method, and her studies of it have encompassed most areas of women’s health, sexuality, and feminism. She is now a?Fertility Awareness instructor, and is a strong advocate for the method for use as a natural, hormone-free form of?birth control, fertility enhancement, and as a tool for women to constantly assess their health and be more in tune with their overall health. Hannah offers up lively and informative group classes?online to learn STM HERE.

Chris Randall is a writer and video-maker on the topic of health, nutrition, and weight loss. Once a pimple-covered fat kid clocking in at 320 pounds, Chris is now literally half the man he used to be. Five years ago, in the process of losing over 150 pounds on a high-carb, high-calorie vegan diet, he also managed to reverse his asthma, severe sinus congestion, depression, OCD, and high blood pressure. His life’s mission is helping others perform similar transformations, and do so in the easiest, healthiest, and most sustainable way possible. Chris’s niche at 180D is helping vegans, vegetarians, and those with an interest in plant-based eating to achieve great success with their health and body composition goals. He is a contributing author to Matt Stone’s Vegan Solution and now offers?consultations through the 180 Get Help Program. More from Chris at and on Youtube.

Robby-oRob Archangel, founder of Archangel Ink ? a publishing service company dedicated to helping independent authors self-publish their work, is a journeyman jack-of-all-trades. His background is in ecology and the study of early human society, which from there led him to learn about the beginnings of agriculture, modern regenerative land use patterns and human health. Having explored myriad health philosophies, he landed at 180DegreeHealth and was drawn to its commitment to truth and practicality. Long passionate about writing and communication, Rob partnered with Matt last year to expand the reach of 180DegreeHealth, and spearheaded the entry into the eReader world. Most of Rob’s work is done behind-the-scenes with book formatting, book cover design, audio book mastering, and editing ? but Rob has written several great articles that you can read HERE. If you are an author and would like to inquire about Rob’s publishing services, you can contact him via the contact form at his website

Julia Gumm is a writer covering a variety of health related topics, ranging from eating disorders to the mind-body connection. She advocates a “big picture” approach to understanding personal health, and presents her thoughts in a humorous, accessible way. Julia has spent time on the health battleground herself, dealing with body image issues and eating disorders as a teen. Professionally, she has followed a non-linear path that has included work as a sales associate at a family owned natural food and supplement store, reporter for her local newspaper, farmhand, many years in food service, and Americorps volunteer at a Boys and Girls club where she focused on teen nutrition and sexual health issues. Julia presently owns and resides on a 6th generation family homestead where she gardens, forages for wild edibles, keeps egg laying hens, and even makes her own maple syrup. She is also a certified Reiki practitioner. You can read her articles HERE.