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When I first started health-geeking I lost touch with reality and practicality. I was just a single 20-something dude with a seasonal job, no debts, and very low expenses. I could afford to up and leave wherever I was living and just milk cows in exchange for raw milk, or volunteer at an organic farm to load up on local produce – both of which I did. I also had plenty of time and space just to allow my life to revolve around gathering, cooking, and eating my food.

I, like so many of us who have congregated here, was painfully perfectionistic about my health exploits.

The results were mediocre at best, the effort was completely life-eclipsing. I enjoyed myself don’t get me wrong. It was all part of my “mission” and felt good and exciting to me at the time. But it was extremely humbling and also drove an impenetrable barrier between my fanatical information and the average people in need of a few basic, realistic, and practical changes that could still make a tangible difference in how they felt and performed in life.

Fast forward to today and my focus has radically?changed. If anything, I’ve found simple basics to be the key to do-it-yourself health interventions, and the fanatical and extreme’stuff to?land somewhere between dangerous and a waste of time. Basic things can turn someone’s health around. Overdoing it, for most people, is just a huge added stress – a willingness to put life aside to be a health nut a sign of illness in?itself. ?

Since small changes and big results has become the main focus of my work,?participating in the Small Changes, Big Results Health Summit was an instant yes when invited to participate. I didn’t even know the guy who?was putting on the?Summit, but the?name was right on the money. ????

I’ll be speaking in the summit along with 9 others. I’m not familiar with the others in the conference or whether their information is at all helpful or legit.I can?only speak for myself, and the “one of these guys is doing his own thing” song pops into my head as I scroll down the website. A few of the other speakers are quite absurdly good-looking though, if that does anything for you. I know that Diana girl will be sure to give many high-metabolic males BIG results of a certain kind.?Hey relax, there’s a?male Versace model in the lineup too. ?

But check it out. I’ll be talking about what I think are the handful of’small changes with the biggest potential for big results – a blend of choice things from Diet Recovery 2 and Eat for Heat. You can sign up for the Summit HERE.