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As mentioned in the last post, I’m working on a completely rewritten version of Diet Recovery. We haven’t?finalized a book cover yet. We’ve only done?a few mockups. But Rob and I were thinking that it might be fun for you guys to submit some cover images in an informal contest. One image that we’ve been looking at doing some mockups with is an image of a smashed bathroom scale – or scale in the act of being smashed. I know many of you have bathroom scales that have done you wrong, but are still sitting in your house somewhere unpunished. This might be a fun way for you to commemorate some of the 180D-inspired?breakthroughs you’ve experienced, and your fiet-ducking success.

If you are feeling?an overwhelming bout of Michael Bolton rage (the Office Space Michael Bolton, not’the singer Michael Bolton… video below), or have some other genius idea that you think would be a great fit as a?cover image for Diet Recovery, by all means, go for it. We’ll accept submissions?all week up until Sunday the 27th.

Keep in mind it has to be a cover of a book with the title written over the image somewhere.?So don’t make it too dark, or too devoid of empty space, or blurry, or busy, or what have you. Anything you want people to recognize should be pretty big as well, as most people’that see this image will see it standing a massive 2 inches tall on Amazon. One example of a bathroom scale making it into the cover image is one of my top 10 favorites – Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon. ??

Anyway, you should probably smash your bathroom scale anyway. Gaining 5 pounds of solid muscle and standing on the thing might catapult you into restriction relapse. It tells you’very little about how you look or what direction your health is headed in. ?But this is a way to do it in a more fun, creative, and memorable way. Plus you can make big bucks too. If your book cover is chosen we will pay you?$4.2 million * the number of units sold/ 100. Once we get that we’subtract 4% for taxes and transaction fees and then?multiply it all by ZERO.?

Yes, we can’t really justify payment for this image in any way with the wealth of?royalty-free images all over the internet. It will have to be more about prestige. Anyway, submit any cover candidates you have or produce’this week to Rob – If there are lots of good ones, we’ll publish them on the site and have some laughs. Maybe even let the readers decide which one is the best! ??