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By Matt Stone

Lianda Ludwig – some of you who participate on the 180D facebook page might recognize her name, has stuck with some of the basic principles of this site for quite a while. It was tough going at first. It’s hard to eat enough food to raise your metabolism and function well when it just sits there like a friggin’ rock. But eventually her metabolism rose, her health returned, her?gastroparesis vanished,?and her body fat levels reached their peak and have now started slowly falling. This is always nice to hear, but even nicer to know that a woman over 60 years of age can even?pull it off successfully.

Anyway, she has a lot of lessons from this experience to share and is hosting a webinar on stress, metabolism, weight and more’tomorrow at 4pm eastern/1pm pacific time. I thought some of you might want to know about it. You can sign up for it free?HERE. Note, this is not a paid endorsement or anything like that. I just happen to like Lianda and think many of you can benefit from hearing some of the themes here repeated and expanded upon by’someone other than a young, crude, male?punk like me. Over the years a lot of older women and men have voiced their skepticism about the effectiveness of refeeding for older people. Lianda is living proof that you don’t?have to be young or a male to?improve the way your body functions in many areas with a surplus of sugar, starch, salt, and sleep. In fact, with muscle and bone loss,’slowed digestion, reduced metabolic rate, and other things?being the hallmarks of impending doom when it comes to aging, it makes a lot MORE sense to eat anabolically the older you get.

I’m sure she will go well beyond that though, as I know stress and self-image and the power of our minds over our physiology is a big core belief for her.I hope you enjoy it.