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Here it is folks! The official day?has arrived (although you are welcome to compete on Saturday or Sunday if you are unable to compete today for some reason). Please record the number of grams of sugar you consume in?no more than a 60-minute period in the comments section below. With that, include your estimated body weight in kilograms (Pounds to?kg calculator). And finally, divide the number of grams of sugar by your?weight in kilograms to calculate your sugar consumption in Lustigs…

Example:? 600 grams sugar/60kg = 10 Lustigs

The winner will be?declared on Monday. May the best man and woman NOT win. It would actually be cooler if the man and woman with the most visible abs won, to help settle some fructophobia.

3 Titles will be given. 1?for Male with the most Lustigs,?1 for Female with the most Lustigs, and one for most total?grams of sugar consumed. More about the competition in the video below, including some top’sugar-smacking tips,?and in the LAST POST.