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Well, I’m not going to totally go off on my summer diet. I did want to give a few basic details for all those interested.

For the first time in several years, I did decide to experiment with a little ice cream. I chose Haagen Daz because of the short ingredient list and lack of indigestible substances such as Guar Gum, Carageenan, and/or Xanthan Gum. On my days off I would intentionally do a high-calorie day like that recommended by Scott Abel. It may have helped me maintain muscle mass, just like Season 2 in which I ate a half dozen doughnuts for breakfast every day, but the idea overall was probably pretty dumb ? especially using ice cream, a food that I’ve known to be my primary nemesis for over a decade.

In fact, ice cream was one of the first things I ever eliminated from my diet at age 21. I was extremely addicted to it and felt very uncomfortable being at its mercy.

In the fashion of a competitive eater, I would eat huge quantities of ice cream with otherwise full meals. My greatest caloric achievement was polishing off a full quart (two pints) of Haagen Daz with a large meal.

To my surprise, the ice cream did seem to have a phenomenal effect on my skin. I had always thought of any sugar-containing substance as being skin-deadly, but the ice cream made my skin unfathomably soft, moist, and clear. This effect was enough to keep me toying around with it a little bit.

As mentioned in a podcast over a month ago, the ice cream caught up with me. Eventually, I started to get that sugar irritability and my joints started to ache. It took me many years to cure my joint pains. Don’t worry though. It’s been over a month since I’ve had ice cream, and the joints are back in tip-top shape. I never really got addicted to the ice cream either, which is a great sign.

I did eat far more fruit than I have in three years though. It was nice and refreshing. It didn’t seem to bother me like it had in the past, causing massive problems with hypoglycemia and emotional instability. An apple or banana here and there was about all I had interest in. I did notice that the fruit was much harder on my teeth ? something that’s easy to notice when you intentionally limit tooth-brushing to twice per week in order to monitor dental changes.

But was it the fruit or was it me? I have my suspicions it was me, and that my glucose tolerance, although greatly improved, is still not optimal. The consumption of fruit seems to give me a blood sugar spike that leaves blood and saliva with a higher sugar concentration. This, I believe, is the primary culprit behind tooth decay, candida overgrowth, rapid aging, and many other cascading metabolic disturbances.

A bear foraging for berries and raiding the neighborhood apple and peach trees for a month straight, stopping only to sleep, and never brushing its teeth isn’t ridden with tooth decay. Neither is Doug Graham. A human without insulin resistance should be able to do that, but I believe this tooth pain to be a sign of a little insulin resistance still lingering.

Other than that my diet was normal, only I really tried to eat big and eat more carbohydrates. It was truly unrestricted, with the exception of limiting refined sugar. Even pizza was on the menu quite often, and treated me exceptionally well. I’m not saying pizza is the superfood of the century, but when a body is in need of more carbohydrates, even white flour topped with processed cheese can be beneficial. As usual, potatoes were my primary staple, followed by whole grain breads.

If I had to estimate, I’d say the macronutrient composition of my diet was 50% fat, 40% carbohydrates, and 10% protein. My saturated fat intake, by percentage, was probably 50%, as my primary staples were double and triple cream cheeses, butter, and pork fat. Towards the end of the summer I started hitting curry really hard, with probably 65% of the fat derived from saturated fats.

I did have some veggie-oil-based PUFA’s though, eating the occasional French fry (which I’d banned from my diet for the previous five years or so), and a few handfuls of chips. This is where Barry Sears, Sally Fallon, and Ray Peat would take me out back to the shed and shoot me.

Now it’s time for more good food (Panang curry, roast pork, cream, and brown rice mostly), good rest (reading books like a fiend), and good sleep (9 hours goes by like a blink of an eye right now) before my next dietary experiment begins. You guys are gonna cringe when you find out what I’m about to do next. I’ll give you a hint. I’m headed to the Pharmacy later to pick up a blood glucose meter ? my first purchase from a Pharmacy in 7 years!