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180 Degree Metabolism: 2011 Edition

Kicking the New Year off right, I’ve added an additional 20% to180 Degree Metabolism: The Smart Strategy for Fat Loss.? The addendum covers topics such as the role of stress in body fat accumulation, a discussion on types of exercise that encourage fat storage vs. the types that discourage fat storage, and more – including going over what I believe to be some mistakes made in the...

The New 180 Degree Metabolism

Well, it’s officially done, and was no small feat.  146 pages of good lovin’ – the new 180 Degree Metabolism: The Smart Strategy for Fat Loss.  Why “strategy?”  Well, cuz you don’t rush into the “fat loss phase.”  You get “primed” first.    But ultimately I do believe that raising the body...

Importance of the Basal Metabolism

Here’s a follow-up podcast on the topic of the week – the basal body temperature and its importance in preventing everything from bacterial infection to degenerative diseases, healing wounds, improving the health and strength of hair, skin, and nails, improving white blood cell counts, lowering cholesterol, lowering triglycerides, burning fat more efficiently, and more.