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Dr. Colbert on Obesity

More on the hot topic of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids later, as the review of Brian Peskin’s video series on the topic has the wheels in my brains spinning. For now, thanks to Darya Pino of Summer Tomato where I found this truly fine assessment of obesity in...

Omega 6 and Inflammation Podcast

This week’s podcast is a little diddy on omega 6 fatty acids – continuing our conversation from yesterday’s post on the subject. It reinforces why accumulating a lot of omega 6 in our tissues may be a really, really big deal with all kinds of negative repurcussions. Complete with brief impersonation of Dr. Barry Sears for your entertainment. Enjoy!

David Brown on Omega 6 Fats

One nutrition researcher who claims to have been “studying nutritional controversies” for decades is David Brown of Kalispell, MT. David contacted me nearly two years ago, and we’ve kept in close contact ever since. In our health travels, we’ve both come to similar conclusions on the two greatest dietary evils – omega 6 fat and refined fructose. With...