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Metabolic Damage Revisited

By Scott Abel *Get three of Scott’s books on Amazon for just 99 cents today only HERE The 10-Day Metabolic Slowdown, and the 25-Day Rebound No study of the biology of weight-control and the ‘true? understanding of metabolism would be complete without revisiting the topic of ?metabolic damage? on several fronts. In this post I want to look at a very interesting research study on...

Scott Abel

Scott Abel. Seriously, Scott Abel. You may not have heard of him before, but he is the gentle giant and genius behind the curtain of the fitness industry. I am beyond thankful to have had the chance to speak with him in a conversation I could listen to a dozen times without getting sick of it. Listen HERE.

Metabolic Damage

Metabolic damage, or ruining your metabolism to the point where your body temperature is low, you can’t lose weight and certainly can’t keep it off?no matter how hard you try, and so forth – is one of the primary areas of focus of 180D. In fact, I’ve gone so far as to write an eBook that is basically a road map for restoring metabolic health FOUND HERE. Scott Abel and...