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While diet dangers and?weight loss and metabolism-related material will continue to be a hallmark of the 180 blog, I have created a separate blog that will emphasize such topics even more with little deviation into other favorite 180 topics like constipation, overfeeding, heart disease, blood sugar regulation, adrenal health, inflammation, allergenicity (a made up word I think), and so on.

It’s going to be a fantastic complement to the 180 Degree Metabolism: The?Smart Strategy for Fat Loss eBook and the 6-hour audio seminar that accompanies it. You can purchase that HERE?or HERE?if you haven’t already to be able to better follow along with the blog.

Check out the very first?blog?post at

Anyway, I’m really excited about it. It’s a fascinating field with many stones unturned, and is obviously the?most widely-followed’topic in the vast field of health and nutrition.

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