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Matt Stone’stars in this short, heartwarming,?and mildly-offensive film – The Bulimia Bandit. Stone is cast in the leading role?as the Bulimia Bandit himself – a masked hero that travels the world fighting women’s hate crimes against themselves. Although not shown, Stone has?many magical powers including the ability to turn soy products, salad, laxatives, fingers, and meal replacement shakes into?Strawberry ice cream. Stone’s?nemesis is Jenny Craig. His weakness is that, without carbohdyrates,?he turns to the dark side. Although never shown to?conceal his?identity, Stone’s superhero attire is a full body?latex suit patterned after Stone’s?favorite childhood superhero,?Condorman (shown left). It is fully equipped with an emergency orange?juice tank, wings,?and’special?jet-boots that enable him to fly from refrigerator to refrigerator?- fully protected from ketosis and spillage?from various toxic sludges, including Diet Coke, Slim Fast’shakes,?Skim or soy?milk, and’vegetable oil-based salad dressings…