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Recently I got into a jovial, light-hearted back and forth on Twitter about obesity, carbohydrates, yada, yada.  Some heavy artillery was slung my way, a recent article that, several days later Tom Naughton of Fat Head dedicated an entire blog post to.  The premise of the article was that the whole obesity thing was a Big Fat Lie!  Well, I agree.  But the author concluded that replacing fat with starch was the reason the epidemic of obesity continued to surge in Great Britain over the last couple of decades.  Read the article here for a good dose of low-carbism.   

This conclusion is pretty hilarious.  Has this person ever been to Thailand, or Laos, or Nepal, or Vietnam, or Japan, or Cambodia?  Well, I have been to all of those countries, and no one in their right mind could ever conclude, in a million years, that obesity is caused by eating starch.  In fact, one would be far more likely to come to the opposite conclusion, and probably be onto something. 

In the defense of beloved starch, and to even point out that refined starch at that is not inherently fattening, I sent along the following video, with the instructions to “Count all the obese people on a refined-starch-based diet.”  Hey, refined starch may not be the most nutritious food for maximal health, but it simply doesn’t cause insulin resistance, obesity, etc. – even amongst sedentary Chinese office workers eating more calories than Americans exercising their brains out.  Only a lifetime force-feeder like a Sumo can get fat on such fare.  But note, Sumos do not have the health problems that typically accompany obesity.   

Well, I give you all the opportunity to play the game.  The object of the game is to simply count how many obese starch eaters you can find.  Whoever counts the most, wins!  Watch closely now.  Post your score in the comments section!