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By Matt Stone

As some of you may have noticed, the site she’s a changin’. Late last year I began inviting more and more guest authors to post on the site, such as Danny Roddy, Julia Gumm, Bella Dodds, and Amber “Go Kaleo” Rogers. Recently I’ve added a new About 180D page as well as a Site Authors page. On Wednesday the site header changed and now reads “180DegreeHealth: The World’s Top Source of Independent Health Information.”? This is the direction the site is moving towards.

From the beginning I’ve always?wanted to create a?viable alternative source of health?information.?To me, it?was useless to attempt to?enter the world of mainstream health and nutrition with the standard approach.?Mainstream health is simply too commercially-polluted to allow fringe information to rise into prominence, or to?give a few individuals with?views that are contrary to the established health status quo?a chance to be heard. It seemed like directly communicating to people via this blog and my books was a better approach, and with?more than 1 million visitors arriving to the site over the last year, and the site on pace to’see 4 million or so pageviews in 2013,I stand by this strategy more than ever.

Unfortunately, alternative health is also just as polluted with commercial interests. Power health information websites like Mercola or Natural News have really degraded the quality of their reporting with distasteful product sales and advertising. Most?alternative health websites seem just as fraught with hype, propaganda, and bias as that found in the traditional?health paradigm. I want this site to be much more than that, now and in the future.

Enough blurbity blerb. What I ask of you, the peanut gallery, is your thoughts.

Would you like to see a pooling of several great health thinkers and writers here?

Do you think this would work or would it?create information diarrhea – a place where eating disordered people would become’so confused and overloaded that it would merely fuel?dietary neuroticism?

Who would you like to see contributing to this site?? I obviously have?a large list of invitees already compiled of people I think have a high level of integrity and level-headedness about health, nutrition, and related topics, but I want to hear who you think would add, not subtract, from the site.

What if I even brought in a few writers who contradict some of the main themes of this site?? Would that degrade the site or foster even more interesting and productive discussion?

Do you think it would be distasteful or overly commercial to have books and consults of others available for sale on the site besides my own? (Note: no products, pills, powders, potions, endorsements, or?outside advertising will ever be allowed on the site).

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

The objective behind all of this is to “grow 180DegreeHealth beyond me, and grow?me beyond 180DegreeHealth.”??With book projects continuously piling up, it’s hard for me to maintain a high-powered website and write book after book on a variety of topics. As just one person, I find putting so much time into this website impairing my writing career in a sense. I also want to continue to build a health hub that is one day a REPLACEMENT for, not an alternative to, the?limited diagnose, treat, and?prescribe model that currently predominates in the?modern world. Making 180D a collective of great minds seemed like the most reasonable?approach to further both my writing career and the site.

Don’t worry. I’ll still be putting out several posts a month. This is not about abandoning the site and letting others take it over. It’s just a workload-management strategy that fulfills two objectives simultaneously – also bringing more visibility to?many other great minds in the health field who may?not have been able to?build the kind of audience that I have (presumably because they have more of a life than I do!).

Are you enthusiastic and?excited about this?? Are you terrified that this site will lose many of the qualities that have come to make it a special place to snoop around???Please give me some feedback. I would love to have it.