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A few days ago someone contacted me about weight loss. She had a lifelong history of dieting, beginning of course with low-calorie and low-fat diets, a lot of exercise, etc. She also had a few years of methamphetamine addiction to throw in the mix (caused, in part I’m sure, by a lifelong history of dieting – I HATED stimulants until I starved myself, then found them strangely irresistible). At 100 pounds overweight, she still could not lose additional weight (down 100 pounds already). Even meth use didn’t cause weight loss. Now that’s a body holding dearly onto some fat!    

I didn’t know what to say really. Doing the healthy thing (taking the steps to healing her metabolism) is going to make her gain some weight initially, which is her greatest fear. To put it all into perspective, this is exactly what this person wrote to me. This is obviously highly confidential. I could not help but to share it though, because this is the result of the health establishment’s sick, twisted, and metabolically-destructive health advice: 

“Yesterday morning my waking temperature (under arm) was 95.9 degrees, this morning it was 95.6 degrees. This is pretty low I am guessing. So where do I go from here. My “fat” problems started when I was just about 5 years old and I was a little bit fat so my Mom rushed me to all sorts of docs that put me on low cal fat free diets. In the mean time, all I would drink was sodas and eat crackers and all those other “healthy” fat free foods. I know soda made me fat. So then I really blew up while yo yo dieting. When I was 13 I went on a year long 800 calorie a day diet and lost like 100lbs in a few months and then plateaued. After that year I gained all back and plus some. Many diets after that, always losing, then gaining with some extra. At age 21, depressed as hell and weighing more than 300lbs, I became easily addicted to crystal meth and stayed there for 3 1/2 long miserable years. While most people lose weight doing meth, I gained weight. I finally quit and never turned back. After I quit it was a month long eating spree. Anyways, my weight at this time was 375lbs. I felt like a monster. I started dieting and exercising and somewhat following Tom Venuto, which is the reason why I included fat in my diet. It was low cal, around 1500 a day, but a hell of a lot better than my previous 800 calories/very low fat a day diets. I lost weight quite quickly, 100lbs, but after that have not been able to lose any considerable amount of weight. It’s like my body just plateaued there permanently. When I had a baby I gained some weight, but have lost that weight pretty much and am back to my “normal” 275 lbs. I cannot budge from this weight. It seems my body will not let me. I even tried the Atkins diet for several weeks eating less than 20 g carbs a day and still did not even lose 1 pound. It’s not like I don’t try and work hard. When I diet I do not cheat, I work out, I do everything they say I should do and STILL nothing. Am I just doomed to be fat forever? My biggest fear is to again lose weight and then regain and plus some. Being 275 is no picnic, but I can live like this at least. Compared to when I was 375 lbs, I feel like a super model.

So, I’m a bit frustrated and confused. Just searching for another diet seems so pointless cause they don’t work. That is why I like your ideas, because they are anti-diet.”

 F%$! yes my “ideas” are anti-diet. Is anyone getting any of this? In the name of getting healthy, and the best of intentions from her mother I’m sure, a slightly overweight 5-year old has become a metabolic mess.

For advice on this, I defer to Diana Schwarzbein. As you know, once a year I like to revisit this video. It seems that each time I watch it I get something out of it. As it pertains to our beloved “lifelong dieter,” Schwarzbein’s bold claim that you must go through a healing process and get healthy to lose weight is the most important concept this person can absorb and integrate. What do you guys think? Is there hope for her? It she in better hands at 180degreehealth than elsewhere? God, I hope I can compete with the advice she’s been given thus far in life. Please share any encouragement that you might have. And watch this video. Even if you’ve seen it already!