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This website?is in its 6th year, and at this point, I can honestly say I don’t really think there is much of a need for any special foods or special diets for most people to heal their metabolism – something I still believe to be the single most significant physiological change a person can undergo (and trumping most trivial matters of nutrition that people are obsessing over in the?age of the internet). Sure, some foods may be better than others, and some approaches more efficient than others, but like I told someone recently over the phone?- “if you were chained to a table at IHOP we could still achieve everything we’re trying to achieve here – so don’t sweat the small details.”? Basically, I started out on this journey thinking it was all very simple, later realized it was all very complex, and have now come full circle to realize that, as complex as things may be, trying to manage it mentally?and eat and live like a normal?member of society is, more often than not, a path to ruin. Certainly not?worth the distraction from life that it can become. I hope to?do a post on this soon.

While nutritional minutiae may be in my rearview mirror,’there is still?a great deal of learning?I?am eager to pursue. The future of my exploration will?be?rooted more?in physiology, biochemistry, endocrinology, and the mind-body connection. And when it comes to many of the basic fundamentals of our biology,?understanding the needs of each and every one of our cells, and honing in on big picture of what is truly of primary physiological importance – there is no question that?Ray Peat and’those who have educated themselves through his?work like?Lita Lee?or Josh Rubin (Peatards, I call them “Joshingly”), possess a lot of valuable?knowledge.

Josh (and his wife and co-conspirator Jeanne)’truly has a remarkable grasp of human anatomy and physiology, with a?background as a?Chek practitioner that broke out of the Chek mold and into something much more advanced. And recently, he has come out with a program called “The Metabolic Blueprint” that I will participating in this spring (as an attendee). For those that are’truly inspired by the topic of human health and want the inside scoop on?how our bodies really work (without?all the BS of?modern?eating crazes like veganism and Paleo), I truly suspect that this program will be extremely worthwhile – it would seem almost mandatory?for anyone pursuing?Nutrition, Dietetics,?Alternative Medicine,?and related fields as a career.

Anyway, this is just something I wanted to share with you guys. As always, I am not endorsing this or anything else for any financial gain. I receive no compensation from anything I write about outside of this site. I just happen to think that Josh is a really intelligent guy that I can learn a great deal from, and that his level of integrity as a fellow health researcher is very high. I hope to write about the whole experience as I go through it, for those of you unable to participate.

You can read about the program HERE. Below is a small preview.