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Alright, I’m bummed to be doing this “extreme” diet.  I have no need to take such drastic measures, and to be honest, the last serious diet (2 weeks vegan) took a toll like no diet has in a long while.  But it’s time to check it out, and with my girlfriend under the knife as I type this in a hospital lobby (jaw surgery – I’m very excited to write about some of the things the docs have said to her so far, like “wow, 98.6!  We don’t see that very often”), it seems like the most appropriate time there will ever be to try a liquid-only diet.  Poor Aurora’s gonna be on liquids-only for up to 12 weeks.  Surely I can give milk 4.

Plus I was never breast fed.  It’s never too late to be on a milk-only diet I guess. 

Anyway, I’ll be blogging and vlogging about this adventure extensively.  Check out the first video recorded yesterday, and be brainstorming some good names for me.  Right now I’m leaning towards the FUCC Diet in honor of Colin Campbell – extreme animal protein hater.  Open to other ideas though.  We could just go with “The Milk Diet” but turn MILK into an acronym that slanders saturated fat haters somehow, or neolithic food bashers, or casein-o-phobes, or lactose slanderers, or what have you.  Wish me luck. 

Acually, pray that it sucks something awful, and that my conclusion will lean towards it not offering any advantages over eating a mixed, whole foods diet. 

Also, some of you might have missed this last big round of videos that I have not, as of yet, embedded into a blog post.  Enjoy these as well.