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By Rob Archangel, staff writer

Well, time to wrap up kiddos! The Real Food Summit ends today, and this will be my last roundup. ?On deck: Jordan Reasoner and Steven Wright talking about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and Kaayla Daniels talking about enhancing fertility.

First up, Jordan and Steve talking about poop. They have an engineering background and take a pretty methodical approach to helping people deal with digestive disorders. ?Jordan was diagnosed with Celiac disease several years ago, and Steve experienced undiagnosed digestive distress. Going on a specific carbohydrate diet seemed to help them regain their lives. The idea behind SCD is that unhealthy guts can’t tolerate complex carbs well, and so you avoid them either permanently or provisionally to allow your gut to heal. You can still have simple carbs (sugars) like fruit and honey and certain legumes.

I don’t have much experience with the specific carbohydrate diet, and don’t have strong opinions about it. ?It seems like it’s worked wonders for some, and that’s awesome. My only concern is that it may be overly restrictive for others, and might prove unsustainable. ?With so many people on the bandwagon to reduce or eliminate this or that food, and well-meaning listeners doing their best to incorporate all the plausible suggestions, we may end up with literally everything verboten by some authority or other. ?So be hesitant about any drastic dietary deletions, and very clear about whether it makes sense for you *specifically* (haha).

One other thing: RRARFing has helped lots of people overcome things like gas,bloating, constipation and food intolerances. Increasing the metabolism is a game-changer, and can also greatly improve digestive function.

Next on deck: Kaayla Daniels. She talks about the ways we can enhance fertility and some of the environmental and dietary agents at play. ?Soy is not a big focus here, though she’s written a lot about its possible downsides, especially when consumed in vast quantities. ?It has both goitrogenic (thyroid-suppressing) qualities and high levels of plant estrogens, both of which are no good for baby-making. She points out that Sylvester Graham (as in Graham crackers), and John Harvey Kellogg (as in the cereals) both pushed plant-based diets as a way to minimize the sex drive, since they saw sex as immoral. ?Their observation was that animal foods are great for fertility and libido, though curiously this has gotten turned on its head by modern PETA ads suggesting that meat-based diets lower sexual performance. Here are some of Matt’s thoughts on the Fertility Diet.

That’s all for me, y’all. ?It’s been fun. Matt should be back soon here causing trouble. Catch you on the flip side.

?One more thing: you can tune in tonight 5pm PT, 8pm ET for a live Q&A with Matt, David Getoff, Jenny McGruther, Kim Schuette and Donielle Baker on Sean Croxton’s Underground Wellness radio show. Feel free to give Matt a hard time.